Is Immersion Blender Used As in an Instant Pot?


In your instant pot, you may use an immersion blender. However, if your immersion blender includes a stainless steel shaft and blade assembly, avoid scraping it against the bottom of your instant pot stainless steel insert as it may scratch it. Also, before using the immersion blender, remove the steamer rack.

However, there is more to know about instant pots and how they may interact with immersion blenders. However, we’ll also look at the new instant pot blenders to determine if you need an immersion blender, to begin with.

Does an immersion blender work in an instant pot?

The quick answer is yes.

Of course, an immersion blender is a long-handled stick blender. It features a bit of blade on end, although the surrounding shell generally hides it.

The casing prevents fingers from coming into contact with the blade. However, if you run the immersion blender above the level of the food or liquid, it also avoids spattering.

Complete transparency. It doesn’t entirely avoid spatter, so use your immersion blender with caution.

Your instant pot is a stainless steel inserted pressure cooker, and instant pots come with a metal rack that fits the insert’s bottom. Just make sure that if you opt to use an immersion blender in your instant pot, you don’t have anything other than food and liquid at the bottom.

Place the immersion blender in the instant pot. Then, after the blade is immersed below the food and liquid level, begin gently pulling the blade using the immersion blender’s finger trigger.

You may rotate the immersion blender around at various depths and angles to purée your instant pot food to your liking.

One significant fear people have regarding the instant pot is whether or not they occasionally explode. If you follow the instructions written in the instruction manual then it will not cause you any harm.

Will my instant pot get scratched if I use an immersion blender?

In a nutshell, yes, but not from the blade.

Most immersion blenders, also known as stick blenders, contain a stainless steel shaft and blade assembly. Some, on the other hand, feature a plastic shaft and housing that surrounds the blade. Those have a much lower chance of scratching your instant pot.

When using stainless steel stick blenders, ensure that the bottom of the stick blender is not touching the bottom of your instant pot.

Because the blade is contained within the blade housing, it cannot touch the instant pot insert. However, if the housing is made of stainless steel (or any other metal), it may harm the bottom of your instant pot insert.

So, when moving your stick blender around the food in your instant pot, exercise caution.

Do move it about, pulsating as you go, at various angles and depths. Just make sure that you don’t scrape it over the bottom of your instant pot insert, and you’ll be OK.

Is an instant pot blender superior to an immersion blender used with a standard instant pot?

An instant pot blender is essentially a combination of an instant pot plus a blender.

Finally, I’d have to conclude that the instant pot blender isn’t much better than using a conventional instant pot with an immersion blender.

The instant pot blender resembles a standard blender, so you can immediately see that the capacity to contain food is much lower than that of a regular instant pot. If you only need soup for two people, the instant pot blender may suffice; however, the capacity is just 7 cups.

In contrast, while there are a few different types on the market, they usually range from 3 quarts (12 cups) to 8 quarts (32 cups).

It can, however, do a lot more than making soup, as I’ll explain below.

However, because the instant pot blender is not dishwasher safe and cannot be submerged in water because of the heating element, it lacks capacity and convenience. After all, stick blenders often include a dishwasher-safe detachable shaft, and the instant pot stainless steel insert pan is likewise dishwasher safe.

The instant pot blender lacks temperature control, making it far less versatile than your instant pot/immersion blender combo.

Finally, you’d prefer to have an instant pot and an immersion blender. However, convenience and flexibility are only two of instant pot’s advantages.

What does the instant pot blender do?

The Instant post immersion blender is intended to mix and cook at the same time.

Add your soup ingredients and mix away as it cooks at the same time. In that aspect, it’s fantastic since you can make a warm soup that’s smooth and creamy with only one gadget.

But that’s not all it can accomplish. In addition, you can:

  • Make some ice cream.
  • Make your smoothies.
  • Make your alternative milk, such as almond, soy, or rice milk.

It does not just heat up, and however, it is not a pressure cooker in the same sense that an instant pot is. It also takes roughly 10 minutes for the instant pot blender to reach the desired temperature.

Because it has a heating element, it cannot be washed in the sink or dishwasher like a standard blender. Fortunately, it has a cleaning option to assist with this.

Finally, because we’re not used to a hot blender, keep in mind that the glass pitcher and lid will be hot if you’re using them to heat something up. So, while grasping any portion of it, proceed with caution.

We took a short peek at the world of instant pots in this post.

We investigated if you can use an immersion blender with yours and whether there is a risk of scratching the bottom of your instant pot with one.

But, more specifically, we addressed the question, “Can you use an immersion blender in an instant pot?” with a resounding “Yes! You can.”

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