Snake Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism, and Meaning

Snake Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism, and Meaning

Snake people are mesmerizing and sometimes frightening. Their wisdom is unearthly but they don’t overwhelm you with it. Instead, they draw out your hidden secrets through their charisma, sensuality, and sense of power that often has a “mysterious” quality to it.

Snake Birth Totem Overview

The mysterious snake is a sign of transformation. This corresponds to Western Astrology’s signs Scorpio and Taurus, both resistant to change, which is very different from the snake who sheds their skin for on-going transformation with solid masculine overtones.

The snake’s spiritual path always seeks balance and a means of expressing what they feel intuitive. As the symbol of both temptation in Christian lore to healing, snakes are often depicted as being two halves that make up one whole: their dualistic nature shows itself through self-doubt, isolationism, or a deep need to be left alone. Although, at times, this same energy can lead them on an incredible journey into the deeper meaning behind everything we do not see.

In Eastern cultures, the snake is a sign of wisdom and intelligence. This may be because it can shed its skin as needed to preserve itself from sickness or disease. However, there are many other reasons why they might represent these qualities, such as their ability to slither through tight spaces like an agile gymnast.

One thing that’s for sure, though: you never know what type of personality you’ll get with each new snake born into this world -some are tender-hearted while others are cold and arrogant!

Snake is known to live many different lives during one lifetime and this transformative process can be likened to living through a myriad of incarnations before finding our true selves. The negative aspects of the snake’s past must be released for us as individuals or thematically within the clan/tribe, so that they may embrace these new wonders.

As a snake releases what once was into oblivion, he has discovered his “aha” moment - a deep sense of self-actualization, which allows him the opportunity at integration where positive lessons learned are applied consciously throughout their life both on an individual level and also with any other snakes encountered along the way who share similar experiences from their journeys. One fundamental calling for snakes is forging a significant relationship.

The snake will slither away just as quickly as it magically appeared in the beginning. There’s no time for a fairy tale ending with someone who cannot make them feel like their soulmate.

Snake traits, personality, and characteristics

The west wind and the element of water, are two things that happen to be true for snakes. The more they reflect on themselves or their surroundings, the faster those feelings will build up inside them until it’s too much. It’ll either explode out in a burst of anger like an emotional time bomb or cause mental damage if left unchecked because all emotions are felt even when you do nothing at all!

You know when you’re outside on a breezy day, and the wind blows through your hair? It’s like that, but with all parts of yourself. You have to be careful, though, because if left unchecked, it can become overwhelming - which could happen in any situation where change is possible or desirable.

Nonetheless, welcoming this energy into your life leaves room for transformation and development. What might start as something scary becomes an opportunity for growth instead. Being open-minded isn’t just a personal trait either - it comes naturally once one has built up enough esoteric awareness within themselves!

Chakra meditations are perfect for snake people, as they open up the body to new levels of knowledge. Dreamwork is also beneficial for snake individuals – consider keeping a dream diary so that you can better understand what your visions mean and how they will guide those around them in their day-to-day lives.

The season associated with the snake’s name holds significant meaning, changing from one cycle into another. Death on a superficial level doesn’t necessarily fit internally when it comes to being snakes themselves.

Snake is a symbol of change and transformation. Malachite stones offer support during fluidity in their life, while Copper provides them with energy and strength. To overcome feelings of biding one’s tongue, a snake may use thistle flowers that heal and protect from harm.

Snake totem love compatibility

Snakes are mysterious and seductive creatures. They like to keep their partners on the edge of curiosity, which might be enough for some people but not everyone. Snakes have a lot of sexual stamina so that you can count on them in bed – they’ll last long into your deepest desires! You will find that slithers, as a partner, likes little mystery. Intimacy is essential with these animals.

Be careful when it comes to jealousy because snakes understand how sensual emotions feel very well. However, if you want this kind of animal courting, then the brown bear would be an ideal mate choice (they’re also great at giving advice!).

Snake totem professional path

Snakes crave financially solid foundations and they are hard workers because of that reason.

They often work in the background rather than being in a spotlight position. However, even though many snakes may work alone for much of their career (due to making people nervous), it fully engages them intellectually with sharp minds like theirs that will be quite content.

Snake totem metaphysical similarities

  • Birth dates, Northern Hemisphere: Oct 24 – Nov 21
  • Birthdate, Southern Hemisphere: Apr 20 – May 20
  • Corresponding Zodiac Signs: Scorpio (North) and Taurus (South)
  • Birth Moon: Freeze Up Moon
  • Season: Month of Transformation
  • Stone/Mineral: Copper and Malachite
  • Plant: Thistle
  • Wind: West
  • Direction: West-Northwest
  • Element: Water
  • Clan: Frog
  • Color: Burnt Orange
  • Complimentary Spirit Animal: Beaver
  • Compatible Spirit Animals: Brown bear, Beaver, Snow goose, wolf, and woodpecker.

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