The Best Phrases And Aphorisms About Dreams


The following may be a small collection of sentences, thoughts, proverbs, and aphorisms about dreams. Enjoy reading!

The wake is another dream / that dreams of not dreaming
- Jorge Louis Borges
A man may be a genius when he dreams.
- filmmaker
We all have our time machines. Some take us back, and that they are called memories. Some carry us forward, and that they are called dreams.
- Jeremy Irons


The entire universe conspires so that people who wish it with all their hearts may achieve the conclusion of their dreams.
- Paulo Coelho


Men within the waking state have only 1 world that’s common to them. within the dream, each returns to their particular world.
- Heraclitus


We also are made from the things from which dreams are made; and within the space and time of a dream, our short life is enclosed.
- William Shakspere


The dream is rarely about trifles; we don’t allow fussiness to disturb us in our sleep.
- Sigmund Freud


If your world doesn’t allow you to dream, run to 1 where you’ll be able to.
- Billy Idol


We suffer from dreams. We heal with dreams.
- Gaston Bachelard


Dreams are illustrations of the book that your soul is writing about you.
- Alan Drew


A man is old only the regrets, in him, exceed the dreams.
- Albert Einstein


Every ray of dawn takes the hand of your most beautiful night dreams. and convey them to reality.
- Tibetan proverb


Dreams are just like the shells that the ocean has deposited on the shore. you have got to select them up and hear their voice.
- Romano Battaglia


Dreams are today’s answers to tomorrow’s questions.
- Edgar Cayce


What if we were all dreams that somebody dreams, thoughts that somebody thinks?
- Fernando Pessoa


God sleeps and also the world is his dream.
- Alfred de Musset


I’d otherwise be one among the humblest dreamers, imagining what’s visiting happen, then being a gentleman among those that have neither dreams nor desires.
- writer


Dreams subside to the impressions of a replacement day because the splendor of the celebs gives thanks to sunlight.
- Sigmund Freud


You die nightly, you’re reborn every morning. And between the 2 is that the world of dreams.
- Henri Cartier-Bresson


Dreams seem real while we’re in them, don’t you think? only if we awakened did we realize that there was something strange.
- from the movie Inception


The dream is that the infinite shadow of truth.
- Giovanni Pascoli


Dreams are a brief madness, and madness a protracted dream.
- Arthur Schopenhauer


A dream could be a microscope through which we observe the hidden events in our soul.
- Erich Fromm


The dream may be a construction of intelligence, which the builder attends without knowing how it’ll end.
- Cesare Pavese


Follow your dreams, they know the way.
- Kobe Yamada


If you do not follow your dreams, someone will force you to follow theirs.
- Anonymous


Life is simply too short to waste on making other people’s dreams come true.
- Oscar Wilde


The best interpreter of dreams is the one who makes them.
- Charles Bukowski


Those who dream during the day know many things that escape people who dream only at the hours of darkness.
- Edgar Allan Poe


Then I paint my very own dream.
- Vincent van Gogh


Dreams come true; Without this possibility, nature wouldn’t encourage us to form dreams come true.
- author


Zhuang Zhou once dreamed of being a butterfly. it was a free-spinning butterfly, satisfied with its condition. She didn’t know what Zhou was. She suddenly woke and realized that it was Zhou, together with her form. She couldn’t tell if Zhou had dreamed of being a butterfly, or if a butterfly dreamed of being Zhou.
- Chuang-tzu, IV sec. BC

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