What Does It Mean To Dream About Bats?


In the world of dream interpretation, dreaming of bats is common in those who are experiencing moments of sadness, anxiety, and depression. Also, the message of the dream is to face the difficulties that arise in reality openly. Popular belief has always associated them with feelings of fear and terror as creatures of the night.


According to Western beliefs, dreaming of a bat isn’t a decent sign; it reflects our fears and anxieties, in some cases, it is related to problems inherent within the sexual sphere. It can even indicate nefarious plans against the dreamer. In the East, on the other hand, dreaming about them bodes well. It means protection and happiness for the dreamer and his family. In keeping with another interpretation, it suggests that the dreamer’s enemies will be discovered and made to stop causing problems. Seeing many bats in a dream indicates a controversy with our being as if there was an indoor struggle with ourselves. We discover ourselves at a specific moment in our lives after we don’t feel safe. It can even foreshadow the requirement to assess an issue before tackling it to resolve it carefully.


  • Seeing a black bat may be a bad sign for the dreamer because it indicates a tragic event.
  • Dreaming of seeing a white bat indicates that you just are waiting to understand the long run of a favorite.
  • Dreaming of seeing a carnivorous bat indicates that somebody is negatively affecting us.


  • Dreaming of a bat attacking the dreamer indicates the presence of an underestimated problem or the betrayal of an honest friend.
  • Dreaming of a bat attacking or biting someone who cares means a painful task that ought to be entrusted to us is assigned to somebody else.
  • Dreaming of bats that bite their hands reflects fear and fear of illness and death.
  • Dreaming of a flying bat can symbolize depression, sadness, pain, and discomfort. Generally, it’s a nasty dream.
  • Dreaming of seeing a bat fly in broad daylight indicates that you are too confident, blinded by your beliefs.
  • Dreaming of seeing a bat fly but in an exceedingly blurred way implies that you may not be ready to find a reason to quit a habit or someone, finding, from time to time, an excuse for not completing the tasks that are entrusted to us.


  • Dreaming of getting bats in your hair indicates that you are also littered with a disease.
  • Dreaming of killing a bat indicates that it’ll break the hearts of the many people, which you may regret, but when it’s too late.
  • Dreaming of seeing dead bats indicates ingratitude for favors done by friends.
  • Dreaming of getting a bat within the car or reception indicates that you feel desperate and sorry for the lies told.
  • Dreaming of getting a nest of bats in the reception indicates a foul mood that will affect the entire family’s life.
  • Dreaming of seeing numerous bats hiding in a very cave indicates a period of significant changes for oneself. It also can suggest the occurrence of some important event that has caused changes.
  • Dreaming of seeing a flock of bats on their wings indicates that the dreamer will seriously change his lifestyle and daily habits.

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