What Does It Mean To Dream About Betrayal?


Betrayal has always been one of all the foremost feared aspects of interpersonal relationships, whether with a partner or with a life partner, work, or friend.

The constant fear of being betrayed may end up in some particularly shy and insecure subjects in an exceedingly real closure to social relationships, with the ensuing loss of opportunities that might result from them.

In many cases, these exaggerated fears are held back in everyday life, but they find how to urge out and be heard through dreams.

In other cases, on the opposite hand, the dreamer could report that he was the author of the betrayal and during this case, it’ll be necessary to do to know what motivations they will have pushed the topic into such a dream experience. let’s examine thoroughly what it means to dream of betrayal, what interpretation to relinquish it supported the various possible dream images, and also the recommended numbers to undertake to win within the Lottery with this dream.

Dreaming of being betrayed

A very widespread dream experience, dreaming of being betrayed always leaves a bitter taste within the dreamer who fears that such a dream will become or be a harsh reality. to inform the reality, however, far away from believing that such a dream could have the character of premonition, dreaming of being betrayed is, instead, a transparent demonstration of self-insecurity and total lack of trust within the partner.

If recently, perhaps within the work environment, new people have begun to accommodate our partner, probably the dream reflects the non-acceptance of this variation that immediately comes as a true threat. In other cases, dreaming of betrayal may indicate the fear of losing control of certain aspects of one’s existence.

Dreaming of betraying your man/woman with an ex

Again, we are talking about a couple of fairly widespread sleep experiences that a lot of people are ashamed of. the great news is that unless we realize that we would like to induce back with our ex, this dream experience indicates something different from what we see represented in a very dream. the link of two with our current partner probably goes through a stormy period or, on the contrary, too calm and habitual.

In this sense, the dream of betrayal with an ex can indicate both the shortage of interesting sexual stimuli just like the possible lack of brio within the current partner thanks to sides of the character that we might wish to find in our partner but that doesn’t belong to him the least bit which, instead, perhaps, were what made us fall smitten with the ex.

Dreaming of committing adultery and experiencing what happened badly

If the dreamer experiences betrayal within the dream phase with a deep sense of guilt and remorse, in the real world he’s probably very attached to the person next to him. Despite this emotional transport, however, dreaming in any case of betrayal, whether or not it’s suffered, indicates a latent frustration of the dreamer that can’t unleash his libido at the foremost and lives the link with two during a way that’s too tender and zilch. passionate

Dreaming of betraying or being betrayed without feeling emotions
If the dreamer reports having lived a dream experience within which the betrayal suffered or dispensed has not caused suffering or regret, probably in reality the link with the partner, friend, or colleague involved within the dream has almost inevitably reached the tip of the dream. line.

Dreaming of betrayal and Lottery numbers

According to the Cabala, dreaming of betrayal joins the amount 17. If the dreamer is that the traitor, it’s advisable to associate 8 with this number, while if he’s betrayed, the perfect would be to point 5. The male traitor is additionally related to the quantity 53 while for a girl who commits adultery the recommendation is to use 76 as an extract.

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