What does it mean to dream about crow?


The crow is a harbinger of change. The more crows you have in your dream, the larger and darker those changes will be. Crow can represent problems that are taking place in your subconscious, or they could indicate an upcoming death as it relates to life cycles on earth. If you’re noticing any new habits lately, such as picking at skin or being annoyed by little things, this may relate to what type of bird flew into view last night when asleep.

Dream About Crows Flying And Attacking

Crow Attacking, Pecking, and Biting

The crows have come to steal your peace with their ominous presence. You feel helpless as you watch them swoop down from the sky and snatch away what matters most in life: relationships, health, or possessions. To see these blackbirds attacking means some conflict needs attention before it gets out of hand; otherwise, they might take more than just a relationship or prized possession.

Crow Entering House

In a dream, black crows represent something that is not obvious or what you see at first sight. They may be symbolic of intuition and wisdom about your family relationships. If they are in the bedroom with you, then this suggests it has to do with where news will come from—in other words, if somebody tells me their secret, I might think they were scared because there was always some gossip going on out there.

Crow Chasing

A crow chasing an animal or person is a symbol of certain illness and death. This dream can be interpreted as the eventual downfall of your life, depending on the animal that it’s after. Consider who this bird might represent to assess better what kind of problems you’re facing now and will face later down the line if they continue unchecked.

Crow Circling Someone or Something

The blackbird is believed to be a harbinger of change and death. If you see it circling someone, this may represent that you are on the fence about ending your current relationship with them - take more time before making up your mind!

Dream About Crows Actions Towards You

Crow Sitting on Shoulder

If you see a crow perched on your shoulder, it means that the intelligence of those around you will help to bring about surprises. This indicates that soon enough, some information will come out into the open and reveal secrets for better decision-making.

Crow Cawing or Crying at You

If you dream that a crow is cawing at you or looking at you, it means someone is trying to warn you about something. They may not be able to do so in waking life and are using unusual methods of communication like this one instead. Be mindful of the messages they’re sending your way because ignoring them could lead to dire consequences!

Dream About General Crow Actions

Crow Dying

When I saw a crow dying in my dream, poor decisions are coming up for me. It’s time to do some research and listen more closely to my instincts!

Crow Flying Away

In the dream, you can see crows fly freely. This may signify that your emotions and gut feelings guide you in a good direction by working towards what is right for yourself.

Crow Falling from Sky or Caged

Crows are the most intelligent birds. They can solve complex puzzles, use tools and even communicate with humans through a series of caws to signify danger or assistance. To see one in your dream suggests that you may be overthinking things when it comes time for making decisions on your own but is still capable if given enough guidance from loved ones nearby.

Injured Crow Bleeding

Crows are known to be symbols of death, darkness, and mourning in some cultures. Yet many people dream about them because they’re drawn to the power these birds represent. If you’ve had a nightmare involving a crow or seeing one through your window, don’t worry- it means that someone close to you is going through something difficult right now and needs your help.

Dream About Your Actions Towards The Crow

Feeding Crow

You are a complex and interesting person with many dimensions. You can be open-minded, accepting of mystery, but also aggressive and analytical when necessary. These qualities that you possess reflect your acceptance of life’s mysteries as well as aspects in yourself that may not yet be fully explored or understood.

Shooting a Crow and Killing Crows

The crow is a symbol of death, bad luck, and failure. You have killed the crow with violence in your dream, which means that you might be struggling to let go of an old habit or something in your life that has made it difficult for you to move on. You need help from somebody who can show you how not to worry so much about what people think because taking care of yourself should always come first before anything else!

Saving a Crow

You dreamt of seeing crows in your dream, which means other people around you make this task very difficult for you, especially because they follow their agenda without considering how things affect YOUR life. The dream also speaks about a dark situation where somebody is trying to take control over everything else, including your thoughts, actions, and emotions, so be careful!

Hitting a Crow

Hitting a crow or catching it by hand in the dream can be seen as an omen that you will experience misfortune when gambling. Be aware of handling risky investments; businesses are likely to suffer heavy losses if not careful.

Crow Eggs

In your dream, a crow was carrying an egg. This shows that you will embrace new opportunities by following your intuition. Particularly, you are likely to profit from another person’s misfortune- but don’t have the time for it right now.

Crows Feet

To dream about crowfeet means that you will be faced with hardships and difficulties shortly. However, if you keep your spirit high, then maybe those problems won’t become as formidable.

Crow Wings

Seeing crow wings in the dream is a sign of some blackmailing or threatening actions. Bad events will soon occur that limit your ability to participate and enjoy life as you would like, so be wary of who you trust if they are trying to get something out of it.

2 Crows

Your dreams of two crows can also be interpreted as a warning. You might have been giving out advice to others without taking in your own, so feel free to take some time for yourself!

Crow Pet

If you dream about having a crow pet, it is foretelling that there will be some obstacles or challenges in the near future. However, these difficulties should not scare you since they only mean for your strength of character and learning from hardships to grow.

Crow Feather

Your crow feather is telling you that change should be coming your way soon. There will come the point when the stress of life becomes too much to handle, which may lead to a complete change in how you live.

Crows Nest

A crow’s nest in your dream can mean that you’re on an adventure to solve problems. You might be tackling the source of these issues head-on.

Flock of Crows

A flock of crows always seems to be a sign of impending doom. In this case, it’s not the death or destruction that scares you but rather your own free will being easily manipulated by others’ opinions and wisdom.

Crow Head

This dream indicates that you enjoy hearing about bad events happening to others because of your own insecurities. You might find yourself picking up on the negative vibes from those around you and feeling sorrowful for them, which is why this type of thing seems amusing to you.

Dream About Conditions Of The Crow

Dead Crow

If you dream of a dead crow, it is interpreted as bad luck. The death of someone in your family or close friend will soon be imminent, and they are going to need an usher at their funeral service!

Friendly Crow

One of the most iconic symbols in our dreams is a black crow. In some cultures, they are seen as birds that bring messages from beyond and foretell future events to come - which means you may be coming closer to making up your own mind about something.

Baby Crow

Crows are known for their loud and raucous cawing. This is why they’re seen as a bad omen in Western culture, but not so many Eastern cultures where the crow represents luck or good fortune! So if you see one flying near your head this week, don’t be too alarmed, considering it might mean that something new will come into your life soon - even though there’s some uncertainty about what kind of changes await.

Blind Crow

Blind crows represent the inability to see what is right in front of you, whether a person or an opportunity. To dream about them portends that you are following your intuition blindly without looking at supporting data; consider spending time and effort on checking out other options before making any final decisions. It could also mean that soon circumstances will force this choice upon you because they are not ideal for anyone involved anymore. So always look back over choices with information to make sure there aren’t better ones available.

Big Giant Crow

I saw a giant crow in the sky in my dream, and it was warning me about an impending disaster. The blackbird looked so ominous as he flew overhead with his beady eyes glaring at me that all of sudden, I felt threatened by its mere presence.

Burning Crow on Fire

If you dream of crows burning on fire, then be prepared to walk away from your project or business.

Dream About Colors Of The Crow

Black Crow

The black crow in the dream is usually associated with misfortune and bad news. Although it can also be a sign that you’re letting your imagination get carried away, those who have experienced this type of bird before will know what I’m talking about.

White Crow

The white crow in the dream is a sign of family problems and indicates that you should take this time to address any underlying issues.

Brown Crow

Brown crows are often considered to be a sign of bad luck. But maybe not in your case! If you’re dreaming about one, it might just mean that the practical approach will prevail and allow for success against those pesky rivals who always seem so impossible to beat. You’ll have all this coming your way if things go according to plan.

Golden Crow

In your next dream, you may find yourself admiring a beautiful golden crow. While this is not always an indicator of luck and fortune in the near future, it can signify that good thing are just around the corner for you if you look hard enough!

Pink Crow

The dream about the pink crow tells you that there will be a period of sadness in your life.

Red Crow

The red crow in your dream tells you that disagreements with others are coming. It will be time to discuss opinions and intuitions, so prepare for passionate arguments from both sides of the matter. Others might think this is a bad omen, but it’s just part of life!

Gray Crow

You should need to be a bit more creative and intuitive as you search for truth. The gray crow in your dream tells you that it’s time to start using some of these skills when trying to figure out the things around which life revolves: dreams, love, past lives.

Green Crow

A green crow in your dream could be a sign of significant health issues. If you are not feeling well, this means that an imbalance or disease process is going on within the body, and it needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

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