What Does It Mean to Dream About Doors? - Spiritual Meaning and Biblical Message

What Does It Mean to Dream About Doors? - Spiritual Meaning and Biblical Message

A recent study conducted at the University of Notre Dame by the notorious psychology professor Gabriel Radvan sky empirically confirmed the phenomenon encountered several times in our lives, so when moving from one room to a different, we frequently forget why we did it.

Through a series of three experiments, disbursed in both virtual and real environments, the participating subjects were asked to perform real memory exercises.

The experiment revealed that the topics, by abruptly passing from one door to a different, drastically reduced their mnestic performance, thus revealing more forgetfulness than when there was no passage from one environment to another.

In short, crossing a door means, for our brain, reaching a brand new environment, a replacement atmosphere, and this pushes our memory to develop a mnestic replacement trail so that we can keep it in our memory.

The door hinges would signal to our brains the tip of old episodes and also the beginning of recent ones; crossing a door in dreams, therefore, always has got to do with the concept of passage, that is, the movement from one state of being to a different, the abandonment of the past into the long run.


  • Passing, changing, moving from one point to another are the most symbolic values ??suggested by the dream image mentioned above.
  • The primary task of a door that it was conceived is to divide the environments into really different semantic fields, we could say.
  • In dreams, it points out and divides different psychic aspects of the dreamer. Due to its function of opening and shutting, this symbol incorporates a double value: possibility and obstacle.
  • It’s evident that an open door, of which we’ve got the keys
    , represents the chance to cross it, while a closed door is an obstacle to our passage; this factor is significant for the interpretation itself.
  • As a logical consequence, when finding yourself ahead of a close and closed-door, impossible to cross, you’ll see a genuinely personal and existential block in your biography: this is often the case of a dreamer, for instance, who wants to travel in some direction, wants to determine a specific relationship, reaching a particular professional turning point, but without having the ability to know-how without having the ability to search out the key to sublimate their goals.
  • But finding, in dreams, that mysterious key then opening the door implies that you have got managed to unlock its internal resources, it’s precisely to seek out the key to success, the image suggests to the dreamer that he has the means to attain his goals, to measure with extreme awareness of his phase of passage.
  • Being an area of access, the door, thanks to its intrinsic possibility of being crossed and so crossed, lends itself alright to being one among the varied euphemistic representations with which the feminine sex often appears in our dreams; therefore, the mere fact of opening and crossing could suggest the very act of physical and sexual penetration.
  • It’s vital to notice that the majority mystical-religious traditions, furthermore because the Judeo-Christian, are embedded, in their sacred books, with allegories that carry as a picture a door, a door, a threshold, whose crossing would indicate the passage to a better state of the spirit, an elevation within the ethical and existential sense of the individual, the abandonment of worldliness and also the flesh.
  • The open door (think of the apostle Peter, it’s he who, as an example, has the keys to access the dominion of heaven which, not accidentally, is preceded by an immense door) may be a mysterious symbol of the revelation of Christ. This evolution ends up in a renewed condition of the spirit.


If during sleep, we prevent the passage from one environment to a different, then the meaning changes drastically; He closes the door, even closes it, a strong feeling of fear and discomfort passes through it, it symbolizes the priority of 1 before an external invasion, which comes from the opposite.

There are probably annoying problems that plague our spirit, people with an oppressive streak that limit our possibilities, or situations of the enormous stress that we wish to skip of our lives and eliminate them permanently. If the bring that we keep closed is violently broken through, it’s synonymous with large internal units of a sexual nature that we cannot rule and ask to possess freedom.


It is generally an enjoyable dream; curiosity will surely push us to open it, and it’ll be those details will reveal the 000 interpretive consistency of the dream. This symbolism is directly associated with the invention of inner psychic resources whose existence was unknown; we are faced with a replacement discovery, that of having the ability to use our abilities and possibilities in a very new way.


In this case, the dreamer faces an existential change that can’t be avoided; the act of closing it by force indicates the individual’s will to obstruct and limit this passing phase, which is presented as unmistakable and unstoppable. All this also refers to the fact that the dreamer is trying at the most negligible costs to withdraw into himself, leaving aside the remainder; it’s an index of low self-esteem and self-confidence.


The referenced number for ports, gates, and crossings is 62.

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