What Does It Mean To Dream About Fish?

What Does It Mean To Dream About Fish?

Dreaming of fish has been taken in many cultures as good omens, and it tends to represent abundance and fertility and even represents the state of the subconscious.

So if you have got this type of dream, it can mean joy, success, and prosperity and every species of fish has its own meaning, yet because of the context within which they’re found they may vary.

Their different meanings:

If within the dream you see many live fish swimming peacefully in crystal clear water, be it rivers, lakes, seas, or a stream, it’s an announcement of great profits.

On the opposite hand, if it’s a lady who dreams of seeing several fish swimming within the water, it is often synonymous with a meaning of pregnancy.

Dreaming of a fish in clear water.

If within the dream one fish is seen swimming calmly in clear and calm waters, it’s an emblem of inner peace and therefore the balance of emotions.

Dreaming of eating fish.

This type of dream has been taken as a decent omen in luck and money, it also represents the strength, spirituality, beliefs, and maturity of someone.

Dreaming that you have a fish in your hands.

On the opposite hand, this sort of dream doesn’t bode well, because it represents the escape or the wasting of a wonderful opportunity.

Dreaming of seeing fish in bed.

This type of dream has been linked to illness or bad luck in life.

Dreaming that a cat is hunting a fish.

This is a sign of struggle and difficulties that has got to be experienced thanks to conflicts with enemies or rivalries that will arise, however, this dream also indicates that these problems are overcome with the person’s own abilities and capacities.

If the cat is hunting a fish within the water.

On the opposite hand, if the previous dream occurs within the water, it’s indicative of power and wealth. to attain success through effort, intelligence, and own abilities.

Meaning of dreaming of a really big fish

  • Now you recognize the way to make the globe work for you and the way to realize things for yourself. However, once you dream of catching a giant fish, this suggests something completely different. It means you have not only discovered everything but you have capitalized on its increase in information.
  • You understand how the planet works and have understood it for so long that you just are finally out of your early stages and prepared for a bit more maturity.
  • Sometimes a giant fish can signify human aspirations and goals. after you catch a giant fish, it implies that you have achieved what you commenced to try which you’ve not had many successes in your life. This doesn’t mean that you simply have commenced realizing an overall goal.
  • Most of the time, the massive fish dream represents a particular goal that you simply have held for an extended time which you’ve never forgotten, no matter the chances that have stacked against you.
  • Finally, your lifelong goal has been met.
  • If you’re trying to catch an outsized fish and it escapes, never bites, or breaks your line, this suggests that you simply have reached an edge together with your main goal in life. Despite your best attempts, you’ve finally reached a degree in life where if you were to attain your goal, it’d have already happened.
  • Unfortunately, you do not have the power to pursue your dreams which is why you’re visiting stagger. this might be the sort of dreamlike wishing to be an actor or a singer.
  • Most of the people that are wanting to get famous for doing that sort of thing have already done it when they were younger.
  • However, this might even be a time or consequence-dependent dream, like the necessity to realize X, before Y occurs. So if Y does indeed happen, you’ll never be ready to achieve X, the most goal of your life.

Dreaming of a giant fish may also be the conclusion of your new biggest goal in life.

This is very true if you dream of him when there’s no paraphernalia around. you were not able to come up with it and you do not have the tools to realize it yet, but in some unspecified time in the future with a bit of patience and lots of labor, still because of the right tools, you too are ready to follow your dreams to the fullest. Take this dream with a significant dose of pride. You ought to be pleased with your achievements.

What do dreams about fishing mean?

  • Dreaming of catching an enormous fish. If you have seen in your dream that you simply have caught an enormous fish, this dream includes a very positive meaning. It actually means you’ll be very successful and lucky soon, so you do not need to worry.
  • Dreaming of a rod. If you have seen a fishing pole in your dream, it implies that you ought to watch out for the future because there might be many false friends are around you. You will be a victim of fraud, so be more careful. Another interpretation of this dream says that you simply won’t be ready to perform a project that you simply have just started.
  • Dreaming of expelling a fishing pole out of the water. If you had this dream, it implies that you’re already waiting too long for your ideal partner. You’re dreaming of meeting a perfect person for you who may be your partner always.
  • Dreaming of holding a fishnet. If you’ve got dreamed that you simply were fishing and holding a net in your hands, this dream encompasses a positive meaning. Actually, it implies that within the near future you’ll be able to expect many treats and pleasures.
  • You will probably be rewarded for something you have got done recently.
  • But, this dream can even have another meaning, which could not be so good. Actually, a dream of a few nets will be an emblem of your anxiety and worries that you just are caught while doing something wrong.

Dreaming of hooks.

If you’ve dreamed of hooks, it means you’ll be recently fooled. You’ll be tricked into doing something or buying something that wasn’t good for you.

Dreaming of sitting and fishing on a peaceful lake.

If you’ve dreamed that you just were in a very calm lake where you were fishing, it means very soon you’ll find your mental soundness. You’ll have had some issues recently, but soon everything is going to be in balance.

Dreaming of a fisherman.

If you have dreamed of going fishing and seeing a fisherman, it bodes well. Actually, you need to be looking for a really good period in your waking life. You’re very lucky and successful in almost every area of ??your life.

  • Dreaming of the many fishermen in one place. If you have got seen in your dream that a lot of fishermen were fishing within the same place, it’s an emblem of excellent friendship. It implies that you have got a real friend in your real world, so you ought to protect your friendship more.
  • Also, you will meet someone who will become a decent friend to you.
  • These are a number of the foremost common dreams about fishing. As you had the chance to determine, these dreams can have a positive or negative meaning, so it’s vital to take under consideration all the main points that you just have seen in your dream about fishing.
  • It could facilitate the discovery of the true meaning of your dream and fully comprehend it.
  • Dreaming about visiting the fish market. Having this dream is synonymous with having good qualities, abilities, and pleasures.
  • Dreaming that you simply are cooking fish. The meaning of this dream is expounded to attitudes since it’s indicative that you simply are acting in a very new and different way thanks to personal growth.
  • Dreaming that you simply are cleaning fish. This dream is synonymous with changing the way you’re expressing emotions to raise connect or relate to others.

Psychology of fish in dreams

For Jung, dream fish indicate intuitions that make space within the unconscious in a very completely spontaneous way, ideas and thoughts that help to raise and understand oneself and also the reality within which one lives, unwanted and unsolicited thoughts.

Today the dream fish has over one meaning and among the numerous that we can identify:

Good luck, especially in eastern cultures may be a symbol of luck;
Sexuality, as you’ll remember the concept of ??the male sexual organ;
Discretion, since a silent animal, may suggest the concept of ??keeping silent on certain occasions; Longevity, as you follow the flow of water, can tell you to follow the flow of life.

Knowledge, since it’s considered a food that helps memory; people to avoid, difficult to know topics or difficult to know people;
Subconscious forces ideas, and thoughts that you just feel the importance of but don’t fully understand.


  1. Swordfish: can indicate your ability to form your way in life, to beat obstacles and to break through barriers that arise.
  2. Cat Fish: symbolizes something elusive which will be a plan or an individual.
  3. Puffer Fish: can reconnect you to your repressed emotions.
  4. Shark: can express aggression and anger that it keeps unfree in the world.
  5. Tuna and carp: they’re symbols that represent prosperity and luck.
  6. Salmon - can indicate your ability to face out from the gang and go against the grain. It’s an emblem of determination, wisdom, and knowledge.


  • Dreaming of dead fish can indicate that you just feel inadequate in an exceedingly work environment or in a very relationship, a way of oppression and discomfort when affirming your ideas and opinions.
  • Dreaming of fish in an aquarium can symbolize the sensation of always being judged without having the ability to contradict the words of those who judge you.
  • Dreaming of being eaten by an enormous fish can predict an imminent change that may alter all daily habits.
  • Dreaming of shopping for fish can mean that a period filled with income and not only economic is coming.
  • Dreaming of stinky fish can indicate the requirement to alter a number of your attitudes, those sides of the character that within the long term can lead you to stay isolated and sad.
  • Dreaming of headless fish can mean that the thoughts that torment us lead nowhere and are just a source of emotional stress.
  • Dreaming of frozen fish can indicate that you simply are experiencing ambiguous situations, that you simply need to cope with detachment without giving it an excessive amount of weight.
  • Dreaming of fried fish can mean that somebody is speaking ill of you.
  • Dreaming of roasted fish can symbolize that you just are hunting a phase of your life within which you’ll understand and interpret everything that happens to you.

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