What Does It Mean To Dream About Glass?


Glass could be a material that we come in contact with daily. Whether it’s simply opening a window or drinking a glass of water. One major characteristic of glass is that in most cases it is transparent and so allows us to see through it without great difficulties. However, such a transparent material with such a tough consistency will break easily if struck violently. This deep ambivalence has a very important meaning also from the purpose of view of the dream.

Let’s see what it means to dream of glass or glass, what are the interpretations that are attributed to every image, and what numbers to use to play the lottery.

Broken glass

One of the foremost common dreams while discussing glass is undoubtedly the one that sees this material as an already broken protagonist and with whom, therefore, the dreamer fears harming or injuring himself during the dream experience.

  • If the topic dreams of walking barefoot on glass shards, this implies that he’s experiencing a very painful and difficult phase of his life within which he’s petrified of hurting himself.
  • Similarly, having glass splinters within the hands or, above all, indicates that the dreamer has suffered various mortifications that have injured him and made him suffer in silence.
  • If the glass shards are within the eyes, instead, the dreamer was likely marked by a directly seen event that deeply shocked him.
  • If the broken glass is on the bed. this might talk to problems of a sexual nature, perhaps associated with betrayals or unsurpassed violence.

The broken glass picked up from the bottom indicates, finally, that the dreamer is trying to “put the pieces together” to maneuver forward and overcome a flash of suffering.

Glass and mouth

In addition to the glass splinters that the dreamer can touch along with his hands, feet, or other parts of the body, a separate speech should be made for dreams that see this material related to the protagonist like the mouth and throat. Dreaming of getting glass in the mouth, in fact, could mean for the dreamer difficulties in communicating his thoughts while trying to chew glass would give him back the thought of ??wanting to send a too painful bite. On the contrary, dreaming of spitting or vomiting glass indicates the dreamer’s try to wake up light thoughts and pains that he had not previously expressed and of which he intends to urge obviate.

Dreaming of glass

  • When you dream of foggy or dirty glass, the unconscious is trying to speak to the dreamer that there are confusing situations that are actually blurring the view and blocking the way.
  • Dreaming of cleaning windows indicates the dreamer’s consciousness who tries, by all means, to create it clearly enough so that he can see well the situations that were up to now considered too complex.
  • If the glasses are colored, the dreamer is perhaps evolving spiritually while dreaming of modeling the glasses indicates that the topic is in an exceedingly moment of great strength, intuition, and creativity which he has everything in restraint.

Dreaming of seeing an individual and lecture them through the glasses that separate them indicates instead that the gap between them can’t be filled.

Break a glass

If the dreamer inadvertently breaks a glass, it implies that reexperiencing a period of discomfort. Dreaming, rather than vehemently breaking a glass, indicates repressed anger and stress that has to break a glass with momentum also can signify the dreamer’s desire to finally break certain mental patterns that now want a restriction.


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