Owls: Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning


Owls represent watchfulness, wisdom, healing, and the ability to soar soundlessly from this world to other realities around the globe. If you observe those with Owl as their birth totem, you’re sure to see these magical and mystical traits.

Owl birth totem review

If you were born between November 22 and December 21 in the Northern Hemisphere or May 21 to June 20 in the Southern hemisphere, your Native American Zodiac birth totem is Owl. This corresponds with Sagittarius (North) and Gemini (South). Those born under this sign have tenacity bordering on being stubborn as well as an uncanny sense of purpose that makes them excellent at securing their heart’s desires through hard work.

In keeping with traditional Western astrology, they also possess a keen eye for detail which may help navigate complex situations such as business dealings where one needs to be cognizant of small details like contracts and other legal documents.

Owls are considered to be wise, loyal, and intelligent. But they can have a few quirks. Like their tendency toward being possessive at times or getting overly dogmatic when things don’t go right for them, that is until the famous wisdom kicks in! That’s when Owl discovers genuine humor, independence, and a thirst for understanding those things beyond our regular insights, as well as how to apply that “outer voice” into this deep-rooted passion of advice-giving with time and maturity.

We all know that owls are known for being quite intelligent and can see in darkness. It is no wonder then that their wisdom has been associated with someone born under this sign. They will intently watch any prey from an advantageous position, allowing them to swoop up the prize silently without a sound - much like what Owl people do! People who share these traits tend to be very optimistic; they try their best not to dwell on negative aspects of life but instead search for those good things about themselves or other situations even if it’s just something small such as color socks that make you happy!

With optimism at their side, Owl can also become great leaders because they’re non-disabled enough when flying off into new adventures.

Owl personality, traits, and characteristics

Owl people may become walkers between the worlds, and this thirst for Shamanic traditions. These mysterious beings are keenly intuitive with little patience for insincere artificial types; keep it accurate, or they’ll punish you with fantastic insights into even the most hidden of mysteries, including those that haunt all ages.

If friends or partners are an Owl, prepare yourself: enjoy some glorious adventures! Owls know how to laugh spontaneously and make choices while endeavoring always to remain true to their ethical beliefs.

The Owl is a creature of winter and long nights. Its refreshing honesty acts as a balance to the darkness, making them an enthusiastic companion for these dark times. Their element reflects their passion: fire! According to Native American Zodiac signs, they are part of the Falcon clan, which includes people who have tremendous confidence, bravery with just enough pluck that fires up everyone around them like no one else can do it.”

A spooky and wise owl needs powerful clairvoyance to see the positives in the negatives. The sacred stone for Owl is Obsidian, which allows a bird of wisdom to recognize and transform negative energy into something magical like Mistletoe. Humans have long used this flower as an agent of love spells or peacemaking because it thrives on negativity- transforming that energy through its natural powers.

Owl totems romantic interests

Owls are solitary creatures who love to fly. It can be difficult for them to find themselves in relationships where their partner suffocates with jealousy and control.One of the many reasons why Owl needs independent, fun-loving partners while also being honest about expectations.

Owl totems professional paths

Owls are finicky creatures. They don’t do well in confined spaces, and they’re not particularly fond of following rules, but what Owl doesn’t love to learn? This passion for learning can lead Owls into a wide range of professions where they will quickly rise above others- ideally, their jobs offer travel opportunities since these free spirits need plenty of room to fly around!

Owlets make excellent freelancers because they get bored quickly, so finding any job with variety or an opportunity for them to flex some creative muscle is rewarding.

Owl totems metaphysical comparability

Birth dates, Northern Hemisphere:
November 22 – December 21
Birthdate, Southern Hemisphere:
May 21 – June 20
Corresponding Zodiac Signs:
Sagittarius (North), Gemini (South)
Birth Moon: Long Snows Moon
Season: Month of Hibernation
Stone/Mineral: Obsidian
Plant: Mistletoe
Wind: North
Direction: North – Northeast
Element: Fire
Clan: Falcon
Color: Gold
Complimentary Spirit Animal: Deer
Compatible Spirit Animals: Deer, Falcon, Otter, Raven, Salmon

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