What Does It Mean To Dream About Policeman?


Dreaming of law enforcement officials contains a symbolism that’s near control, order, law, and defense. The policeman in dreams, therefore - additionally because the policeman, the soldier, the policeman and, in general, the person in uniform - should do with our fears or represent certain behaviors that open us to onerous responsibilities.

Therefore, the dream can do with our need - or desire - for defense, within the same way that it can dream as a warning call within the event that we feel an imminent threat.

We may have committed actions that we must legally pay, which are often remembered in an exceeding dream by the figure of the carabinero.

Let us not forget, therefore, once we interpret the policeman or the other figure of the soldiers that appeared in a very dream, how he respects the uniform of the armies. once we feel intimidated by this, ashamed, then it’s the attention of our wrong behavior that appears within the dream.

Dreaming of being chased by the cops, dreaming of being arrested

  • Being chased in a very dream by the policemen, perhaps with the vision of a stop at the tip of the race, is said to our actions of which we don’t seem to be proud, and that we must bear the blame.
  • An evil act, therefore, a criminal offense or maybe an easy rude act can surface through the dream of the policemen, with the dreamlike arrest that invites us to house the events.
  • Dreaming of an arrest where we aren’t the protagonists of the scene, further as dreaming of a 3rd person persecuted by the police, concerns instead the bad actions dole out by the person persecuted or arrested during a dream. It can represent our desire for justice, we have to punish those that have hurt us.

Dreaming of a checkpoint

  • Policemen in dreams may be the creators of a barricade. during this case, we must analyze our reaction to the request to prevent to know what the dream indicates, and what it wants to inform us about our personality. In general, there are two cases: either we stop or we run away.
  • When we dream of stopping at a roadblock, the meaning is maybe found in our condescending nature, which is faithful to the foundations but also capable of taking note of orders and advice.
  • Sometimes, however, our condescension may be exaggerated; we may learn to mention no to situations that do not make us feel good.
  • In the second case, dreaming of escaping from a checkpoint represents our subversive soul, our inability to pay attention, and follow the principles. Another valid interpretation arises instead once we have something to cover, which manifests itself during a dream just by escaping from an impression point.

Dreaming of shooting the police

Dreaming of shooting the police acts as a be-careful call for unpleasant situations, of which we feel victims or of which we are the perpetrators.

In the first case, the carabinieri within the dream appears as a figure of comfort, an indication of the help we want. But we will be the creators of a misdeed, and thus, during this case, dreaming of carabinieri who shoot is nothing over a mirrored image of our sense of guilt or required to require responsibility.

Meaning of dreaming about the Police in your house

Dreaming of their reception often indicates a rigid and hostile family situation. Our daily discomfort is the consequence of inflexible rules that don’t make us feel comfortable, as well as, on the contrary, it is thanks to our intrusive secrets that we’d never want to be discovered within the family environment.

Police and Lotto Numbers

When we dream of “the cops”, then we can conceive to play number 70 within the draws of the Lot.

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