What Does It Mean To Dream About Stars?

What Does It Mean To Dream About Stars?

The first man to abandon his worldly commitments for a flash, looking up at the sky, must be struck, presumably, by a preponderant sense of awe and trans-local wonder, which began to suggest the presence of a possible divine order within things., which collaborates and interacts with the complete cosmos.

  • The stars would seem wonders from heaven to be worshipped and religiously contemplated, tangible, and irrefutable signs of the divine presence.
  • They are the symbol of the gods who check into the whole world, a perennial light that scratches and floods the vast cosmic space, which has always been a compass for travellers of all ages and a perennial inspiration for the discipline.
  • It’s written symbols that the esoteric pentagram (Tetragrammaton), during which each of the five points represents part of nature (water, fire, earth, air) to which must be added ether, a quintessential, rarefied, and meteoric element, that governs the movements and rhythms of the earth.

According to Jungian psychoanalysis, the star thus represented is additionally a primordial mental archetype, during which the masculine and female components of the ego converge at the subconscious level and determine the androgynous integrity of the individual.


The pentagram would thus indicate the person stripped of all sexual determination, leaving the limited sensitive spatiality of his senses, endowed with enlightened reason, which has subdued his bestial and instinctual part, thus managing to form real synesthesia between thought, action, and his own will.

It is the person realized in God, for the traditional esoteric, for whom, additionally, the unfathomable and unknowable name of God would be composed of 5 letters.

  • The Vitruvian man himself, famous due to the famous representations of Leonardo, would be inscribed in an exceedingly square way that successively contained a five-pointed star, where every one of them coincided with one end of the soma, all contained within a circumference.
  • This is often the symbol of the coincidence between the microcosm and therefore the macrocosm within the soul, a catalyst for balance, perfection, and harmony.
  • The construction of the graphical star, moreover, involves the employment of the proportionality or the golden ratio, found by the scholars of Pythagoras, a true mathematical constant that may be found in any chemical and biological structure, it’s therefore all over again, a trace of the divinity imprinted in Nature.
  • The very birth of Christ, within the catholic religion, would be during an oversized luminous star that may have led the Magi to their destination.
  • All this can be enough to know absolutely the vastness and hermeneutical complexity that gathers around it an emblem that, beyond scientific progress, maintains intact a charm that goes beyond the components of logic.
  • In dreams, therefore, the star maintains its archetypal value intact, fixing itself directly on the collective unconscious of humanity at all times, presenting itself as a spiritual light, ideal goal, existential aspirations, and divine forces that guide man.
  • These are the distant signs of the mystery that surrounds our lives, they lead us to questions that don’t have any answers, they push us to face the unknown and therefore the immense immensity of eternal space, so on the symbolic level, they continue to be the long run, destiny. The mystery and therefore the influence of the planets.
  • The pole star, or Phosphorus, is that the one that enables man to take care of his course within the midst of turbulence, which symbolically takes him back to his own being, to consciousness from lost consciousness to the middle and destiny of the individual, the constellations thus become true maps of our internal regions, values ??that illuminate our choices, real regions of the soul.

The celebrities of dreams, therefore, are true externalities of our being, external projections of our microcosm, inner world, which acquires light and visibility; anyone who dreams of the celebrities are put in direct contact with the foremost faithful image of his soul, and of his ego, he gets a right away confrontation with the mystery that every folk carries with him.


It is one of the foremost evocative dreams that may undergo the mind of a dreamer, being surprised would indicate a replacement awareness of what surrounds him, it’s a transparent sign of an expansion of his mental and psychophysical horizons.

All this incorporates a confirmatory and inspirational value for the dreamer, concerning his personal goals and successes.


It is a real and own infinite path of stars, which are configured as a sort of a river in flood; And this can be precisely the meaning of this dream vision: viewing the sky and seeing the Milky Way Galaxy during a dream puts the dreamer ahead of the sliding image of his own life, which sort of a river flows and flows in step with the cosmos of the things. it’s an invite to gather your own psychic energies and channel them into true creation.


In ancient folk tradition, it’s a harbinger of misfortune or death. Trying to flee this catastrophic variant, the visible light might be considered the symbol of disappointed hopes, personal confusion, and inability to seek out your own way; lack of motivation and self-confidence.


Just as the Magi came to Bethlehem with the only real help of a comet, therefore the luminous star in their dream is that the straight path for the dreamer to follow; it’s its Christ Within, which paves the way for a project to be distributed or aspiration to be pursued, or maybe to verify a path already taken.


The science of the meaning of numbers suggests that

  • 9 and 18 for the star of sunshine;
  • 65 for the light;
  • 4 for the comet corresponds

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