What Does It Mean To Dream About Tsunami?


There are many events and movements in Nature which will make the man perceive its mortifying fragility and contingency, when, then, these appear to us in a very dream, they cause the identical devastating effects on the psychic level.

Natural catastrophes seem to possess been put there, specifically, to remind us that we must reduce our most vain aspirations and every one the vanity of our desires, mortifying all our claims of domination over the surface world.

Therefore, the image of a violent and irreversible character, in numerous times, has always been synonymous with irrational and indomitable forces, chaotic and magmatic matter, fascinating precisely thanks to the mystery of which it’s the spokesperson which doesn’t allow itself to be opened which progress has been assuming, within the human dreamlike imagination, very precise values ??and meanings which will be traced back to those characteristics.

The Tsunami, or wave, lends itself well to synthesize and act as a mouthpiece for the devastating force of nature, not only due to its enormous destructive power but also thanks to the unpredictability of its attacks, additionally as its appearance within the mind of the dreamer.


It is one of those dreams that may rarely be traced back to a true empirical experience of the dreamer; In most cases, the Tsunami icon is psychically recreated out of the void, with none external reference, directly drawn from the human collective unconscious and declared overloaded with strong symbolic meanings.

  • In ancient and modern international literature, the image analogy between overwhelming human passions which physical-natural phenomenon that indicates a disturbance capable of propagating both during a vacuum and in an exceedingly material is extremely frequent which we commonly call a wave; specifically the analogy occurs with ocean waves.
  • Passion, in fact, be it an amazing love or a morbid attachment to a sporting activity, is intuitively presented as something disturbing, which is capable of disturbing and altering the human psychic balance.
  • The Tsunami, therefore, which is nothing quite a huge wave generated by a marine earthquake (tsunami), would be the expression and manifestation of an awesome and destabilizing preponderant passion that has probed the psychic virtue of the dreamer; a sudden and unexpected event that overwhelms its host with all its gravity and energy and leaves no room for any reaction except to stay a passive witness to what’s overwhelming it.
  • The dreamer likely resides in a period of his existence characterized by particularly obsessive passions, which require a brake to seek out psychic balance.
  • It is an incident that’s perceived as worrying not just for ourselves but also for others; This image refers to a robust internal impulse that can’t be blocked or held back, or to a really important life situation that needs a fast and effective solution.
  • Let us remember that the ocean and water in general, have an infinite symbolic value, always connected with our internal psychic energies, which during this case would be shocking and violently disastrous.


Having to house the image of a Tsunami hitting the bottom during sleep could be a symptom of deep upheavals experienced during the last days of life; someone or something that in our lives hits without half measures and loses all our certainty.

It would be good to hold out a correct investigation and know who or what threatens our psychic balance.


Furthermore, this image often refers to the inner and outer growth of the dreamer, also a good change and biological event capable of creating the foremost tenacious soul’s dream; a symbol of the passage from youth to adulthood that happens in a very violent and unexpected way.

The safety of decompression

Dreaming of a Tsunami destroying one’s home refers to 1 of the foremost ancient fears that seep into our psychic depths, that is, the fear of losing what’s our home, an area of our safety and therefore the home of our most lasting affections; the house is also the symbol of human identity, losing it might mean losing himself and not having the ability to seek out himself again, lost within the usual lability of events.


For those that want to defy fate, supported numerical mysticism, the suggested numbers during this case for the tsunami and waves are: 37-55-39.

Did you dream about a Tsunami? The Tidal Wave can represent many things. One interpretation might be that your intuition is warning you of some impending doom, while another may suggest the requirement for emotional cleansing and release. Remember to notice any other symbols in the Tsunami, like people or specific locations- this information will give context into what caused it in your life and the best way to deal with it moving forward!

Dream about seeing a rising Tsunami

Rising tsunamis and tidal waves are said to represent suppressed emotions in general. When dreaming about a tsunami or, ironically, when witnessing one from afar without being involved, it may indicate unhappiness and emotional instability during waking life.

Dream about a sudden Tidal Wave

Some people dream about a tidal wave coming or rising. This suggests that there has been some significant event in their life, and they are not expecting it as an earthquake would cause, such as cancer news among friends you recognize, but the death does not directly affect you.

Dream about Tsunami Washing over a Building

The tsunami dream reflects the change that inevitably comes once you are faced with overwhelming challenges. The buildings in your dreams might relate to how you feel about different aspects, such as money or faith and spirituality. As an example, banks could be associated with an overbearing sense of debt on top of being overwhelmed by other financial problems that may make one resentful towards them. At the same time, churches can show feelings of despair during times where there seems no hope for relief from suffering.

Dream about Tsunami destroying Roads and Bridges

Tsunamis are always an ominous sign for those within the area. For example, once they cause bridges and freeways to be destroyed, it prevents easy escape from a problem or situation that is overwhelming emotionally. You may feel helpless without loved ones who can’t save you as everything falls apart around them too quickly for anyone else to catch up before it’s all over with no hope left of your being able to make peace on any level at this moment, either physically or mentally because there will only be a way out now: death!

Dream about running from a Tidal Wave

Running from a tidal wave of emotions; represents trying to get away from your strong, overwhelming feelings. The repressed and bottled-up feelings may have been too much for you to handle alone any longer.

The passage seems like it’s telling me that I’m running because my emotional burden has become too heavy for one person or soulful being to carry on their own anymore?

If you discover yourself submerged in the water after a tsunami and struggling to breathe, it may mean that there are emotions from which you need to learn how to deal with. Animals trying desperately to run away could represent different people who have been afraid of your out-of-control reactions for some time now. Dogs might symbolize friends or family members; cats would be coworkers or peers; horses might stand for leaders, while cows can often signify acquaintances at best but more likely enemies like exes, bullies, etc.

Dream about being Carried inside a Tsunami Tidal Wave

However, if you are surfing the tidal wave dream, it is a sign of confidence that you have with the ups and downs of life in general. You are not afraid of any incoming changes.
To drown inside a tsunami dreams suggests that the force of emotion is too strong for you to handle. You can no longer suppress your negative feelings.

Even the simplest of dreams, like drowning in a tsunami, can be enough to tell you that it’s time for some serious self-reflection. Drowning inside your own thoughts suggests that something is getting too close for comfort and must be banished before it becomes overwhelming.

Dream about creating a Tidal Wave

You feel overwhelmed with emotion. It’s like you have the power to control your own emotions, as well as other people’s feelings around you. You are about to make major changes in business or life, and these will affect how others perceive it - those closest might be angry at your decision. At the same time, distant acquaintances may see this as an opportunity for them.

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