What Does It Mean To Dream About Turtle?


Man has always associated anthropomorphic vices and virtues with each exponent of the kingdom, but only a few can concentrate a varied multitude of latent symbols and meanings just like the turtle.

With its behavior, its physical conformation, and its infinite calm, it lends itself well to be considered by many ancient civilizations as a cosmogonic animal, an emblem of the slow but inexorable change of earthly things, which, with ancestral calm, survive in their progressive change and inexorable.

An elderly nurse who explicitly remembers the weather earth and air, underlining her indissoluble link with the entities that govern and sustain the globe as a full.

The force , the force, the patience, and therefore the wisdom emanated is the identical pivots of any dream interpretation that has this animal as an eccentric protagonist.


According to the highly articulated and cryptic Mayan cosmogony, the whole universe would be structured in step with three different levels, or domains.

  • At the highest is that the celestial vault, dominated by its intricate but well-orchestrated mechanism of divine stars. the underworld, or parallel world, is at the other extreme, where the spirits of the dead and the ancestors roam.
  • Within the middle, then, is that the interregnum of men, animals, and plants, wandering between the 2 ethereal cosmogonic extremes in search of stillness.
  • Now right at the purpose where the domain of the world ends and therefore the domain of the sky is inaugurated, there where its point of intersection could be a huge turtle, whose shell would represent the celestial vault (dome) while its flat belly would be the symbol of the Earth.
  • Thus, it assumes the role of glue between the 2domains, an animal capable of dominating two different elements (Earth and Air) and symbolically enclosing them within itself.
  • Her strength, her strength, and her armored physiognomy would make her a sort of animal Atlas, capable of carrying on her shoulders the burden of the cosmos, its stars, and its revolutions.
  • It is a sign that is loved and revered in many cultures that are ready to consider particularly its tranquility and vital longevity. it ‘soften been considered the visible mouthpiece of the slow but inexorable continuity of the sensible world, the best expression of the soundness of the cosmos and its movements.
  • The complete turtle. His flesh, especially his brain, was considered miraculous, endowed with beneficial magical properties, and was often used as a remedy against poisons or as a fundamental ingredient for the preparation of medication or specific hallucinogens, which were later used during religious ceremonies, since they were considered capable of showing an immediate connection to divinity.

From a strictly dreamlike point of view, its slow, progressive and phlegmatic rhythm suggests to the dreamer the necessity to pay more attention to their daily actions and provides them the acceptable weight, without neglecting them as victims of the daily routine.

This dream wants to draw attention to a greater awareness of your gestures, an idea of slowness that has to be expressed through renewed reflection and meditation, leaving aside the impulsiveness and frenzy that constantly push us to the necessities of life.

In this sense, the turtle would suggest lost calm, and our unconscious desire to seek out balance and moderation in our activities.

  • Another typical characteristic of this animal is its ability to isolate itself, hide within its robust armor.
  • Our unconscious would thus express the necessity to direct our attention to our own Ego, it’s also the equivalent of representing an attitude of introspection.
  • Introspection is primarily meditation, a quiet and voluntary observation directed at our inner world, through which it is possible to regulate our own instincts and the frenzied movements of the mind that usually alter our own perceptual abilities.
  • And meditation is additionally prayer and finding yourself spiritually.
  • The strength symbolized by his shell and the withdrawal within it could suggest to the dreamer that the sole place where he can find the strength, the proper determination, and the will, is in himself.

Finally, it’s almost symbiotic contact with the planet element makes it a symbolic relative of life, abundance, wealth, and fertility.


It is an awfully recurrent dream that an animal can hurt us by biting us, but when it involves the turtle, the bite acquires connotative interpretive aspects.

Being the close relative of the mother earth animal, it lends itself well to being one in all the various substitutes for the symbolic female counterpart of the universe, and consequently, the action of the bite would thus indicate the presence within the lifetime of the dreamer of a personality or a female who has been ready to hurt him (mother, aunt, sister, cousin, etc.), or who behaves with excessive patience.


The death of any entity, in a dream, always should do with the tip and end of a particular biographical event or season, but if it’s a turtle to die, you have got to pander to changes that are occurring too suddenly within the lifetime of the dreamer, who can’t be controlled and therefore the direction isn’t known.


It is the simplest way for the dreamer to unconsciously express his desire to alter the direction of our demands to the world. specifically, the event would suggest the requirement for redemption with relation to the innumerable material aspects of his existence, or to finish the foremost reflective and meditative a part of his character, to interrupt his shell and cushion, perhaps, an introverted character itself same.

Grace Thorpe

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