Woodpecker: Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning


Woodpeckers are gentle creatures who make homes in the tiniest crevices of trees. They tap on the bark to find insects, which they eat for their dinner. Woodpeckers can be found all over North America and Asia, but no matter where you go, there are always a few more that show up at your back door looking for food! These little guys have some tough jobs, too; if an insect has made its way into a hole, it will take them hours to get out, and then they need lots of rest time afterward, or else the next day’s hunt will not be so successful.

Woodpeckers are devoted people with sensitive personalities who care deeply about nurturing others happiness as well as themselves. If appropriately encouraged, these birds do well for themselves and the people around them.

Woodpecker birth totem overview

Born between Jun 21 and Jul 20 in your sign? You’re a Woodpecker. The Western Astrology signs for Northern Hemisphere are Cancer, while Southern hemisphere natives are Capricorn. For those born under Mercury’s influence, you have an agile tongue that can persuade anyone into doing anything - even if it means bending with humor to get what they want!

So what about our perky Woodpecker? This totem is also so sensitive—sometimes leading to pity parties when things don’t go their way.

Luckily for them, they know the art of forgiveness and can move on quickly from mistakes (including those made by themselves). Family is everything in life with Woodpeckers, including family members you choose yourself.

Woodpeckers are the heart of a home, devoting themselves wholly to the happiness and well-being of others. This means that Woodpeckers sometimes put their needs last and may suffer from burnout if people take advantage or do not appreciate their kindness.

With this in mind, it is essential for your partner (or any person you care about) who has been categorized as being “woody” to know how much you value efforts made on behalf of them because they can bring tremendous joy, support, love - all things needed by someone with such deep commitment! Native American tradition likens the sound created when wood pecking at trees continuously like an Earth core rhythm, bringing balance back into nature.

The Native American Zodiac cautions Woodpeckers to balance their thoughts with emotions carefully. You tend to roll with intense feeling, pounding into that tree and without thinking it through first.

Your efforts in life deserve an equal return of energy, so listen carefully to what your Guides tell you when feelings threaten to overwhelm you.

Woodpecker traits, personality, and characteristics

Woodpecker is a sprightly totem that knows how to get into all sorts of exciting situations. Due to Woodpeckers’ outgoing nature and warmth, they are not afraid of breaking the rules or boundaries for their amusement.

The people born under this birth totem will always know how much love they have because the Southern wind brings only good things like laughter, creativity, and kindness. However, strangers may think them irresponsible due to these traits, while friends see them as kindhearted givers who fight tooth and nail for what matters most in life without hesitation.

Woodpeckers are notorious for their tenacity and sharp claws, which they use to cling on tight.
Givers by nature, Woodpecker, don’t let go until the job is done or it’s time to move onto a new one.

Woodpecker people can find themselves taking on others’ burdens without even realizing it, making them very moody or depressed.

Woodpeckers must take time daily and clear negativity out of their aura because they’re empaths as well - so if you know someone in this zodiac sign, make sure to speak with care around them; otherwise, there will be adverse outcomes that may not have been intended.

Woodpecker is a light-footed creature who hears worlds in the trees. They have keen hearing, but sometimes they mishear meaning and take customary phrases as something terrible when it’s not even intended to be that way at all! This vulnerability can prove challenging because Woodpeckers are ruled by their Water Element, which has everything to do with emotional tides - vulnerable or otherwise.

For an air being like yourself, this might seem like nothing…but for them? It means living day after day battling emotions on such raw levels that you’re challenged just staying afloat, let alone finding peace within your soul; creativity becomes scarce, and compassion hardly exists anymore.

Woodpecker does not shy away from the thorns when it comes to love. They embrace them like protective armor against falling too fast and hard into relationships.

With their thorniness, Woodpeckers keep themselves grounded in reality while also allowing space for romance to grow- but only if one can prove worthy of such fierce protection.

Woodpecker romantic capabilities

The lyrics “all you need is love” may have well been written by or for Woodpecker.
Woodpeckers are romantics at heart and will shower their partners with gifts, poetry, and little thoughtful surprises to make them feel loved every day of the year!

The Woodpecker is full of surprises. Dating requires a sense of adventure and flexibility because they are not the type to share their partner with anyone else, ever! If you cheat on them, don’t expect that relationship to last long as these birds fly away from any hint or evidence of betrayal faster than lightning.

Relationships between Woodpeckers can be intense, but it’s worth sticking around if your date has more interest in monogamy than sharing bed partners, which will make this bird rather happy and content with what they have found…

Woodpecker professional paths

Woodpecker loves family-run operations. They appreciate the sense of home they create and find themselves happy to work there, if not for their own business, then at least in a caregiving profession or as an on-call cook.

Woodpecker metaphysical references

Birth dates, Northern Hemisphere: Jun 21 – Jul 21
Birthdate, Southern Hemisphere: Dec 22 – Jan 19
Corresponding Zodiac Signs:
Cancer (North), Capricorn(South)
Birth Moon: Strong Sun Moon
Season: Month of Long Hot Days
Stone/Mineral: Rose Quartz
Plant: Wild Rose
Wind: South
Direction: South
Element: Water
Clan: Frog
Color: Fuschia Pink
Complimentary Spirit Animal: Snow Goose
Compatible Spirit Animals: Brown Bear, Beaver, Snow Goose, Snake, Wolf

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