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The meaning of dreams involves something that is among the most incredible things that human beings are capable of doing. And since everyone dreams, but no one manages to fully master what happens in the dream, the theme has fascinated humanity for thousands of years. Theories and ways of interpreting the meaning of dreams exist in droves, precisely because it is not an exact science – it is far from it! What happens while we sleep is very personal and deeply connected with our experiences while awake.  

How do we dream?

Dreams arise at specific times during our sleep. They are more vivid and frequent during the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) phase, when the closed eyes move quickly. At this time of night, neurons are almost as active as they are when we are awake. If we wake up in this phase of sleep, the chances of remembering clearly what we were dreaming are greater.

The REM phase happens several times in the same night and its duration increases as the night progresses, ranging from 5 minutes to approximately half an hour. So, those who sleep an average of 8 hours spend about 2 hours dreaming. 

Adults usually have 4 to 6 dreams a night, but they rarely remember more than 10% of them. That's why sometimes we wake up very happy (or sad, or angry), but we can't say exactly why. That is: even if you don't remember, you probably must have dreamed last night!

What are dreams?

Now that you know what dreaming is, you must be wondering what dreams are. They are nothing more than a combination of remote and recent memories. For Freud, what you see in a dream are images from the previous day or the past week. That's why a dream can have scenes that seem random, but are actually experiences that you lived at some point in your life.

The brain orchestrates this process, but it doesn't exactly replicate what you experienced - except when the dream involves some post-traumatic stress. What it does is combine valuable newly formed memories with ones that are not yet fully understood. In this account, he prioritizes the ones that are more emotionally charged.

But how do I remember what I dreamed?

First, try to get a good night's sleep . This is essential to allow the brain to dedicate itself to the wonderful mission of making you relax and giving you the chance to interpret the meaning of dreams.

Second, when you wake up, avoid opening your eyes right away and try to remember as much of your dream as you can. The recommendation with closed eyes is so that you don't notice what's around you and disperse your mind with the day that begins and with the tasks you have to accomplish.

Third, try to feel yourself in the dream and write down everything you can retrieve. Over time, you will have an easier time gathering this information and associating it with how you felt when you woke up. In this way, you develop your self-knowledge and the ability to understand and interpret what you dreamed of. With this, your ability to deal with and process your own feelings improves.

The meaning of dreams

We have the premise that every dream has meaning. The big challenge is to discover the message behind each dream in order to interpret it. Some themes are more common than others. However, dream meanings are unique to each person – after all, experiences and reactions are individual.

Even so, it is easy to find someone who has dreamed that he was being chased, that he was falling or losing a tooth. In this last topic, for example, the lack of a tooth can be associated with a positive feeling, such as the beginning of a new stage in life with the arrival of permanent teeth. On the other hand, someone who has lost a tooth in an accident may have a negative reference.

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FAQs About Dreams

Why Do We Dream?

We don't need to dream in order for our bodies to survive, but dreaming is essential with regard to the development and evolution of metaphysical beings,” according to Sumber. He studied global dreams at Harvard University as well as Jungian dream interpretation through his experience at the Jung Institute in Zurich. Dreaming occurs when there communication between your conscious mind and unconscious mind. This helps people create wholeness because they bridge what we think we know from what actually exists. Dreams are a way of moving back-and-forth between knowing something consciously or unconsciously. We often turn to dreams in order to understand ourselves, as this quote explains: Dreams reveal a person’s deepest desires and deepest wounds. So analyzing your dreams helps you gain a deeper understanding of yourself.

Why Is It Important To Know The Interpretation Of Dreams?

Knowing the meaning of the dream you had is equally important as knowing your horoscope would be. Just like horoscopes, dreams are a way of spiritual connection and source of contact. They indicate and guide us in a way to improvise our thoughts, actions, lifestyle, etc. However, it is totally upon whether we want to believe in it, take it positively and be a better version of ourselves or not. Dream interpretation can help you uncover what is going on in your life. There are many dream symbols that can provide guidance and insight into who you really are and how to progress through the obstacles of everyday living. Dream interpretation helps make sense out of the randomness of the dream message, including issues like love, relationships, personal growth and business dreams.

This dream dictionary provides an explanation for some common dream symbols that may be less understood by dreamers themselves.Most people have experienced a dream before but do not know the meaning behind it or they just brush them off as random occurrences during sleep. Majority of us remember our dreams at least once in a while, but something happens when we actually become aware of their meanings! This pretty much explains why you are absolutely in the right place right now! We ought to provide you with the most satisfactory and self explanatory articles about the topics you search or read for. Besides, we would also love to hear from you! Don’t forget to share your views in the comment section. We strongly believe in constructive criticism, therefore, any view irrespective of whether it is good or bad will be addressed with equal importance.

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