The Neapolitan Smorfia: A Guide To Dreams About Numbers


Each region of Italy feels in its own way the tradition linked to the interpretation of dreams about numbers related to them to play to undertake their luck within the Lottery game.

Among all of them, however, the foremost accredited is usually the Neapolitan grimace, capable of associating with the overwhelming majority of dream images one or more numbers with which to try an honest economic victory.

So let’s try and understand more closely the Neapolitan grimace and its guide to dreams and numbers, starting in an orderly way from the latter in search of the symbolism associated with our dream.

Meaning of Numbers from 1 to 30 in dreams

1: Indicates the start and therefore the whole. For the Neapolitan tradition, quantity 1 is related to the image of Italy and of national unity;

2: The insufficient woman, the insufficient girl;

3: The cat;

4: The pig, within the double meaning of animal and person with vulgar and unkind ways;

5: Of the number of fingers that compose it, the amount 5 indicates the hand;

6: The feminine genital organ;

7: The bottle;

8: Since the stainless Conception is well known on December 8, this number indicates Our Lady or maybe, in line with some interpretations, the deceased mother;

9: Many children born from identical birth;

10: Beans;

11: small mice ;

12: The soldiers;

13: Dedicated to Saint Anthony of Padua, which is well known on June 13, this number is related to the Saint;

14: The drunkard, sometimes annoying but also carefree and happy in his unconsciousness;

15: The adolescent;

16: Mockery or, generally speaking, a good stroke of luck;

17: The event is unfortunate;

18: Blood ;

19: Happy laugh;

20: The party, the pinnacle as a festival of the people or maybe religious;

21: The lady becomes disabled;

22: The madman;

23: The fool;

24: Prison guards or policemen within the broad sense;

25: Christmas;


Nanninella, the “little Anna”, in honor of Santa Ana, mother of Our Lady whose anniversary falls on July 26;

27: The night ship;

28: The chest, whether human or animal;

29: The male genital and reproductive organ;

30: The ammunition available to the lieutenant.

Numbers from 31 to 60

31: The owner of a rented house;

32: Female eel, a typical Neapolitan dish prepared during the Christmas period;

33: The years of Christ, those to whom he died on the cross;

34: The head;

35: The tiny bird;

36: The castanet, not the fruit but the reproposal of the castanets originating in Spain;

37: The monk;

38: The heartbeat;

39: Hanged, self-made, or inflicted on someone;

40: The herniation that makes a bulge, typically male;

41: The knife conceived as a weapon;

42: Coffee, the quintessential drink of the Neapolitan tradition;

43: The nosy woman who dominates her balcony to look at and gossip with other comrades;

44: The prison;

45: The wine with an intense and pleasant flavor;

46: Money ;

47: The deceased, usually a recently deceased relative;

48: A talking dead man, a symbol of excellent luck in dreams because he can give winning numbers to play the lottery or the councils;

49: The piece of meat shouldn’t be understood literally as meat to shop for and eat, but as female meat to admire with desire;

50: Bread ;

51: The garden;

52: The mother ;

53: The wise old man;

54: The hat, which was once an adjunct for people who had money and will afford it;

55: Music;

56: The autumn to the bottom of somebody who raises hilarity;

57: The hunchback, a figure considered lucky for the Neapolitans;

58: The package;

59: Male hair, the reason for pride;

60: Complaining a couple of serious events.

Numbers from 61 to 90

61: The hunter;

62: The murdered person;

63: The bride

64: The formal jacket;

65: Crying;

66: The old spinsters;

67: Literally translated as “the squid on the guitar”, it refers to the relationship between man and woman;

68: The soup;


Translated as “the other way around”, again we are talking about purely sexual positions;

70: The property building;

71: The despicable man;

72: The wonder;

73: The hospital ;

74: The cave, specifically the one in Bethlehem where Mary gave birth to Jesus;

75: Pulcinella, another symbol of Naples considered by many to be a lucky charm;

76: The source;

77: Demon

78: The prostitute;

79: The thief

80: The mouth;

81: Flowers;

82: The sport of tables;

83: Bad weather;

84: The church ;

85: The souls in Purgatory;

86: The supermarket;

87: Lice, a symbol not only of dirt but also and specifically of poverty in Neapolitan culture;

88: The caciocavallo but, because of its form, it also symbolically indicates the feminine breast;

89: The old man, the time that passes;

90: Fear.

Grace Thorpe

My years of experience counts to almost 10 years in my field where I have been counseling clients for the last ten years in career, business, work, relationships etc etc. I use tools like Astrology, Numerology, Tarot Cards to unlock the potential and guide people to the best outcome. I have an educational background in Pharmacy, Mathematics, Computers, Chemistry, Astrophysics but I am passionate about my work in guiding people to their destiny.

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