What Do Dreams About Vomiting Mean?


Today we will talk about the various meanings that dreaming of vomiting can have.

Vomiting is usually a symptom of discomfort, bad times, uncomfortable moments of a bad taste in the mouth, and pregnancy, however, depending on the culture and upbringing, it could be interpreted in different ways, giving it many meanings that could vary according to the society where it was raised and forged.

Sometimes you may dream of vomiting and even if the image may seem very unpleasant it may mean that you are getting rid of what hurts, to eliminate everything that is suffocating you.

Meaning of dreaming about vomiting

It can be interpreted as an action that leads you to get rid of someone you cannot stand or reject, a way to get rid of pain, hatred, and anger, or even a bad situation or an unpleasant memory.

Often after such a dream you may feel lighter and permeated by a strange positive charge.

Some more meanings of dreaming about vomiting

  1. Dreaming of vomiting: Having this type of dreams is usually interpreted as the future fight that you are going to have with a friend or a close family member, it also implies the level of distrust that you may have and the difficulties to face the problems.
  2. Dreaming that you are vomiting: This type of dream usually has several interpretations, the most common of which usually means some illness that could prevent you from moving freely or that you will be involved in a big scandal.
  3. Dreaming about blood vomits: The dream of vomiting blood could be related to a disease that is coming to life of people who go to visit her home, could also indicate great disagreement among family and friends, misunderstandings, and very bad aura throughout the house.
  4. Dreaming about vomiting food:
    If you dream that you are vomiting the food you ate, it could mean that you are going to have a significant financial loss or that you already had it and you cannot overcome it.
  5. Dreaming of the guts being vomited: This dream is usually the darkest and most terrible of all because in no interpretation it means good or positive things, on the contrary, it implies a loss, death of a loved one, if you are a father or mother, it could mean that your child will die or that some catastrophe is about to occur.
  6. Dreaming that you see someone vomiting: The interpretation for this type of dream is usually involved with betrayals of loved ones or friends who are very close to you, being a wake-up call so that you do not trust anyone 100%.
  7. Dreaming of vomiting slime: If in the dream, you are vomiting slime, this could imply that you are getting rid of bad moments in your life, that you are moving forward, and that you are achieving good harvests of your progress.

The dreams of vomiting could always have a different meaning, however, on at least one occasion these coincide in a particular feature that will let you know what kind of signal you are receiving from sleep.

Depending on your beliefs and training, you could add the desired value to the dream, the meaning, or the interpretation of the message you believe you are receiving.


In both reality and dreams, vomiting is almost always an action that cannot be controlled; Since this action serves our body to defend itself from something harmful, in dreams it is expressed by sending away and not assimilating everything that we cannot metabolize.

If it happens to you, in everyday life, to make you feel good about something, even the most unpleasant, the dream reminds you that it is not like that, that there is something that is not good for you.

Through this action, you can eliminate unacceptable thoughts, situations, and people but also your behavior that in real life could have offended someone.

Interpretations based on what you vomit

Dreaming of vomiting water can indicate that an item you have borrowed will be returned soon, but it can also mean that you will soon suffer a significant loss of money.

Dreaming of vomiting wine can be interpreted as a future loss of money that was previously won in the game

Dreaming of vomiting mucus can mean that you are getting rid of all the evil that you have been forced to endure both at work and in the social field.

Dreaming of vomiting hair can indicate that you are getting rid of something that torments you, a bad thought that does not make you serene and does not make you sleep.

Dreaming of vomiting blood can be a very strong and often unpleasant dream, but it means that you are experiencing a period of great suffering due to a deep shock with your unconscious.

Dreaming of vomiting stones can mean that what bothers us is quite heavy, a rock for the inner being.


Some often dream of vomiting animals, let’s see what this type of dream means:

Dreaming of vomiting worms can symbolize your desire to get rid of something that is dragging you down and afflicting you.

Dreaming of vomiting snakes can mean that you feel the need to send something bad and infamous.

Dreaming of vomiting cockroaches can be your intention to get rid of anxieties, obsessions, and torments that you no longer support.

Dreaming of vomiting mice

can mean that you are close to getting rid of bad thoughts or that you have actually had to accept something without wanting to.

Dreaming of vomiting fish can mean that you cannot accept the news that has just happened.


  • Dreaming of vomiting in public can indicate that you feel helpless and ridiculous in front of other people.
  • Dreaming of not being able to vomit can symbolize a significant state of anxiety and worry in the dreamer.
  • Dreaming of seeing the flow of vomit can be seen as an alarm bell since very soon you will be caught in non-legal actions.
  • Dreaming of seeing white vomiting can mean that you reject the idea that people have made themselves in us.

However, it is important to keep in mind that dreams are sometimes just dreams and now, there should not always be a logical explanation or have any meaning, it could simply be a representation about the last thing you thought before going to bed or what I speak during the day.

Finally, dreaming of vomiting does not have to be seen as something catastrophic, as in the case of vomiting with blood or with visors, because depending on what is created and what one wishes to perceive, this dream could be seen oppositely, taking into consideration previous experiences and events that are surrounding the person’s life.

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