What Does It Mean To Dream About A Pig?


In our civilization, the pig carries with it a series of often negative connotations associated with the dirt during which it often lives and to the fact that it’s a very smelly animal.

Already in ancient Greece, the pig was a logo of low instincts and for this reason, it had been considered vulgar and undeserving of admiration.

  • For Eastern culture, on the opposite hand, the pig symbolizes important gifts like respect, passion, loyalty, and this curious opposition, still existing, makes the figure of the pig ambivalent not just for these two cultures so different from one another, but also for the symbolism of the dream within which the interpretation of the dream of a pig is even more correct and detailed the more elements associated with this animal are remembered when awakening.
  • So let’s attempt to understand what it means to dream of a pig, what interpretation to attribute to every possible dream image, and what numbers to play Lotus.

Dreaming of fat or lean pig

Although within the collective imagination the pig appears like a reasonably fleshy animal, in dreams it’s not uncommon to dream of it even thin and scrawny. When the dreamer reports seeing a fat pig, he’s probably worried about the possible loss of an outsized sum of cash, perhaps a recently subscribed investment, or, conversely, a deal is near to be positively concluded. When your dream pig is incredibly thin, you’re likely prying a period of severe financial hardship that seems difficult to beat.

Pig and repressed sexual urges

In some cases, especially when women dream of the discomfort of a pig, the unconscious is probably going trying to bring round light the sexual instincts, fantasies, and desire for a transgression that is repressed for too long. This dream is especially common in people that show naivety, purity, and a small interest in sexuality. For the dreamer who sees an aggressive pig that tries to bite him, the foremost correct interpretation is undoubtedly the one that desires the modesty of the topic to be overpassed to get more pleasure from the physical relationship along with his partner.

Dreaming of a dead pig

Always tied to the theme of sexuality, dreaming of a dead pig is perhaps an indication of sexual instinct not rejected by the dreamer, but which has now been completely extinguished because of illness or advanced age. it’s not difficult, therefore, that creating a dream of this sort are mainly older people, whose unconscious somehow struggles to simply accept this new reality.

Dreaming of killing a pig

Fortunately, the foremost positive meaning is that the dream of killing a pig. during this case, things are very likely to eventually find yourself the correct way, whether it’s an agreement or a private matter. people who have sexual problems, however, must interpret this dream experience as another attempt being made to further suppress their most unspeakable desires.

Dreaming of fighting pigs

The mere fact of dreaming of quite one specimen of this animal within the same dream experience reinforces its meaning, whatever it’s. If the pigs seen within the dream are fighting, somebody next to you has likely had devious or prevaricating attitudes towards you. it’s also possible that it’s envy or a misdeed that the dreamer is responsible. In any case, the fighting pig dream indicates that in the real-world some social relationships must be reviewed and possibly corrected.

Dreaming of a pig and Lottery numbers

According to the Neapolitan grimace, the quantity that’s attached to the pig is undoubtedly 4. If it’s a sow, you may need to target 44 instead. If the dream pig is fat, the recommendation is to bet 40 while people who dream of killing a pig will try their luck with 21. those that dream of killing a dead pig should bet 6 while those that dream of eating pork could win by playing 58.

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