What does it mean to dream about an abacus


Did you dream about the abacus? Abacuses are a fascinating tool in math, which is why they can be found on Magic School Bus. Do you have one of these at home that your child uses to learn how to add and subtract numbers? If so, then it would make perfect sense for an abacus to appear in your dreams last night! To see an abacus in the dream means that while juggling many issues/problems, trust yourself enough to follow all of them and know what each problem requires from you.

Dreaming about learning to use an abacus

Dreaming of the abacus will foretell a period in which you’ll be able to take advantage of new business opportunities. Remain logical and calculate all aspects before finalizing any deals or contracts; don’t blindly rely on your intuition.

Dreams about losing abacus beads

Paying attention to the abacus beads is a good way of noticing your project’s potential errors early. Be careful about overlooking anything, as it will affect the final results and interpretations of how feasible your projects are. Perhaps you do not have enough balance or analysis? You need input data that is accurate too!

Dreams about using an abacus

In the dream, you are opting for an old-school approach to life. You keep up with your numbers and use a manual calculator instead of relying on others or automation.

Dreams about broken abacus

The dream of an abacus broken indicates that you are going to make some poor decisions. You will lose your business ventures, and others may try to convince you to make bad deals, so be careful with situations where there is no chance for success on your part.

Dreams about a miniature abacus

To see a mini abacus for kids in your dream signifies that you need to look at smaller numbers and data to make sense of the bigger picture. Or perhaps the projects or profit that are expected is too small for you to care about them. The dream foretells that it may be wise not to ignore minor losses or gains- especially ones incurred during long-term planning!

Grace Thorpe

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