What Does it Mean to Dream About Arson?

What Does it Mean to Dream About Arson?

In your dreams, did you see arson? In other words - did you harbor unexpressed rage and a desire to sabotage others from achieving their potential success. You may be extremely envious of the good fortune that some people have in life. And this anger is brewing within because there are aspects of your environment or lifestyle which make it difficult for you to achieve what you can with ease of living conditions. One day, when enough time has passed by without change occurring on such outer factors, you will explode with pent-up frustration against those who seem as if they get everything handed to them on silver platters!

Dreaming about witnessing Arson

In a dream, you may witness an arsonist setting fire to something. It is symbolic of your desire for rivals and enemies to be disgraced or ruined in some way. Perhaps you’re frustrated that they do not play fair?

Dreams about committing Arson

When you see yourself committing Arson and setting buildings on fire, it is a sign that your anxiety over the situation has finally boiled to the surface. You may owe money or have taken out a mortgage which puts pressure on you because of how much time passes before payments come in again. Your temper is close to being out of control, so decisions are either impulsive and highly planned if they’re not well thought through at all; but this could be seen as an opportunity for therapy such as meditation, yoga, or even counseling with someone who specializes in helping people overcome burnout from their jobs/businesses, etc…

To see yourself committing Arson might seem like something only monsters would do - burning down houses just for fun!

Dreaming about being a victim of Arson

To dream that you are a victim of an arson attack foretells that someone with ulterior motives will sabotage your business and career. Someone is bitter and jealous of your success, who might make life difficult for those around them when they find their weakness.

Dreams about arson fraud

To see someone or yourself trying to commit Arson to profit is a sign that you will find certain loopholes and make money. The dream indicates that the person has taken advantage of you before, but now it’s your turn for payback! It could also suggest that you are going after extreme measures with some failures or losses just so as not to lose everything all at once. Intentional bankruptcy in waking life may be related, too though this might have more connections with fire than anything else.

Dreams about arsonists

An arsonist’s dream could represent both the fear and anger felt by outsiders in society, or it might be a warning that someone is trying to make their statement heard. The message will depend on what you see before they start burning things down - are these radicals protesting for justice? Or do they seem like saboteurs who want revenge against those with power?

The meaning behind dreaming about people setting fires depends entirely on your interpretation of the events leading up to the act itself. If any radical group was being oppressed enough to cause them this level of desperation, then maybe it’s time we took care not only of ourselves but also our fellow citizens during these times when feelings run high even among so-called “outsiders.”

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