What does it mean to dream about baby carriage?

What does it mean to dream about baby carriage?

A dream about a baby carriage represents being enthusiastic for new things happening or coming into your life. You may feel encouraged or excited when you see the baby carriage in your dreams. The feeling of wanting to have something new in your life is subconsciously represented by the baby carriage.

Dream about a baby carriage often has no specific meaning, and it is just a common dream that can be interpreted in many ways. These dreams are very common among all people of different ages whether male or female.

According to some psychologists, baby carriage dreams have nothing to do with the way you feel about babies. Sometimes these dreams indicate that you long for children of your own, or that you might be expecting a child. Baby carriage dreams could also indicate your anticipation for the future and an urge to start something new in your life. You may become aware of this feeling while dreaming about a baby carriage.

It is also said that if you are thinking about buying a stroller for your baby, your dream will come true soon. Some people also dream about a baby carriage when they are going to vacation with their family.

Pushed a baby carriage

Did you see yourself pushing a baby carriage? In that case, it means you are looking forward to a positive change in your life. Dreaming about pushing a baby carriage can also mean that there will be some changes in your life soon and your life will turn for the better.

If you dream that someone else is pushing a baby carriage , it shows

that you are too dependent on others in life. However, it also means that you can count on others when hard times come.

Other people could see the baby carriage

A dream where the baby carriage is visible to other people symbolizes that there are some obstacles in your life and you will need help from others to overcome it. Perhaps you need to rely on others for support.

A dream where the baby carriage is visible to other people could also mean that you have a great ambition and will fight until the end for your goal.

On the other hand, if other people see you pushing a baby carriage, it means that you are a very generous person in real life but not many people know it.

The baby carriage in your dream should not be confused with carriages pulled by horses, but instead is closer to a stroller that has four legs and carries an infant. It symbolizes the meaning of satisfaction, comfort and stability in life because it allows you to carry something important into another stage or level of existence.

You bought a baby carriage

Dreaming about buying a baby carriage, symbolizes that you have a deep longing for a child. If you are already a parent, this dream is an indication that you are seeking to provide your child with all of the tools necessary for his or her success in life. It also represents long lasting love and care given by people who deserve it.

Dreaming about buying a baby carriage for someone else or for someone else’s child may indicate that you have a strong need to protect the less fortunate in life. This may be a reflection of your own upbringing and how you were provided with everything that you needed, perhaps even more than you actually needed.

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