What does it mean to dream about basin?


The meaning of a basin in a dream is typically connected to cleaning and cleansing. A basin with running water could symbolize purification from harmful things, forgiveness for something you have done or someone has done to you, as well as new possibilities for the future. It could also point to healing from wounds that are both emotional and physical. In particular, if dirty water floods out of the basin, this means that some painful memories will resurface into your conscious mind – generally about an incident that caused you a lot of anguish – so they can be appropriately processed and dealt with. If you dreamed of being asked by someone else to wash their back using a small hand-held basin filled with warmth.

Dream about seeing basin

If you dream about seeing a basin, it means that you have received a sign from God, meaning that you have been chosen to do something good. If the basin is metallic, it means that you verify your faith in God and also your belief in his presence everywhere around us. This dream could also indicate a revival or renaissance that will bring fresh ideas into being.

Dream about washing basin

If you dream about washing out a sink or basin, then it suggests that there is some sort of conflict going on within yourself at the moment. In particular, this relates to issues over trust and suspicion – meaning that you are literally “washing” away from specific ideas and feelings while trying to resolve them for good. Dreaming about a dirty bowl can point to these anxieties becoming more apparent as time goes by.

Dream about a clean basin

If you dream about seeing a clean basin, then it is likely that your mind is searching for something new. Alternatively, it could highlight the freshness of opportunities and positive change ahead for you – meaning you should not let old feelings and negative experiences remind you of this.

Dreaming about an empty basin

Seeing an empty basin in a dream can be taken as a sign to not stop believing in yourself. You need to continue believing in your own abilities and know that things will work out for the best no matter what happens – especially if there are other people involved with the situation at hand. On another level, this type of dream can indicate that some sort of personal development or lifestyle change needs to take place urgently – and that you need to find a position of power.

Dream about a dirty basin

To dream that you are washing dishes or other items in a sink may indicate your concerns about being overwhelmed with many tasks at once. It may also indicate your refusal to let go of the past. Perhaps you have too much on your plate, and this demand is simply overwhelming to you. Therefore, to put it bluntly, you need to clean up the mess in your life before moving forward.

Dreaming about an overflowing basin

To see an overflowing basin in a dream signifies that the number of things that are coming into your life is really putting quite a strain on you right now. Simply meaning there is just way too much going on for you to handle all at one time! This sort of dream is not necessarily negative.

Dream of buying a new basin

If you dream about buying a new basin, it means that something in your future is going to make you look at things differently. The meaning of dreaming about a basin can change depending on the colour, the material is made out of, or even the type of basin that you are seeing. Some dream meaning experts believe that if you are washing your hands in this basin, it could signify your need for cleansing yourself from past mistakes.

The symbolism of dreaming about a basin

- To see a plain and ordinary looking basin whole or overflowing with water in your dream signifies that you will get into trouble because of something that happened recently. If there is no water inside the basin, then it means that someone influential will come into your life who will help clear up any misunderstandings and straighten out all current problems and issues.

Dream about a broken basin

You will be disappointed in the actions of someone you trusted. Dream meaning experts believe that if you dream about a basin that is broken, then it means that something has recently happened which has shattered your faith and trust in someone or something.

Dream meaning experts also believe that seeing dirty looking water inside a basin in your dream signifies sadness, heartache and disappointment. To see clear water inside this same basin represents purity, healing and success. Dream meaning experts suggest that to see sparkling clean water in the basin signifies health, wealth and happiness for everyone involved. You could also be anticipating some good news or an exciting event coming up soon.

Dream about someone breaking your basin

To dream that your basin is broken indicates some sort of betrayal. There may be some harsh words spoken, and someone may end up harbouring resentment towards you afterwards. You might need to make amends with this person because the situation has gotten out of hand.

Dream about building a new basin

If you dream of building a new basin, it means that you are preparing for some sort of life-changing experience. This could be as simple as getting married or having a baby. If the basin is broken after you’ve had this dream, it may mean that there will be a few obstacles to overpower along the way.

Dream about a basin fall

You might have a warning that someone close to you is going through a difficult time and might need your help. You might even have to travel quite far just to go and give them moral support. It’s possible that things won’t always be so easy for them, so try not to take anything personally if they seem rude or brash around you.

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