What does it mean to dream about bathrooms ?


If you have dreams that include bathrooms, they often mean something about health. Some people dream of bathrooms as a symbol meaning that they are not healthy enough.

Before we look at this meaning, let’s first discuss what bathrooms represent in the world of dreams and symbolism. They associate with the general meaning of cleaning up or clearing out negative thoughts, worries or emotions. Your bathroom in your dream may indicate that you need to clear away some clutter that is weighing down on you; maybe pull together some new ideas and goals. Or perhaps it indicates that you need to get things “all cleared” before taking action. A trip to the bathroom could also indicate your need to empty yourself from feelings or habits which may be causing mental or emotional strain.

Dream About Actions Taken Inside A Bathroom

Urination or Poop

Our actions can often reveal what’s going on in the subconscious or that we might not be addressing in dreams. For example, if you dream of having to go pee when you don’t have to out waking life- it could mean that there is a burden weighing heavily on your heart and mind.

Your dreaming self will often do things like urinate (or poop) without needing these functions in real life because they indicate something else. Namely, pressure has built up within us from stresses and emotions such as anger or sadness, which may require release before affecting our health negatively.

Washing Your Face or Hands

In general, using soap when you are cleaning shows that you want things around yourself clean and renewed from any grime - innately human desires such as respectability were not forgotten about by our ancestors who used it similarly too!


If you dream of taking a shower in the bathroom, it can represent an end or new beginning that is coming. You may be washing away dust and sweat so that you can move forward with your life situation. However, if there was water in the sink when bathing or attempting to shower, this could suggest some difficulties going on inside your life right now.

Weighing Yourself or Watching Yourself in Mirror

In the dream, you are assessing yourself in private. Whether by weighing or observing your reflection inside a bathroom mirror, this is an important time of personal and private evaluation after perhaps a long day journeying and working; it’s a sacred space for self-assessment.

Dream About Public Bathroom

Searching for a Public Bathroom

You have been waiting for the right time to unleash your feelings, but now you’re just over it. You are ready to be honest, and share what is in your heart with someone close to you. This will make a difference as they can better understand how their actions may affect others around them.

Can’t Find Public Bathroom

When the nearest public restroom is under maintenance for cleaning, it suggests that you have difficulties letting go of old emotions. Perhaps no person is available for you, and they cannot hear what’s bothering you either.

Exposed Public Bathroom with No Stall

In this case, the dream meaning is really simple: you are ready to become less introverted and more open. You are waiting for the right time and person to share your feelings with.

Crowded Public Bathroom

You are tired of feeling like you can’t solve your problems because there’s always someone else. You feel as if others’ issues have become a burden, and this one is just too much to bear on top of everything else.

You are afraid that if you let your feelings out, they might burden others with the responsibility. You don’t want to be a financial drag and not give them any money for anything - including fixing yourself up.

Wrong Public Bathroom Gender

If you dream that you are in the wrong bathroom, it suggests a boundary between your waking and sleeping life. Perhaps this means something deep to what’s going on internally? Doing this intentionally might indicate how comfortable we feel with ourselves or where our attention should go next.

Dream About Bathroom Amenities

When you dream about the bathroom, it can signal your attitude and how well you handle negative emotions. The cleanliness of a restroom in your dreams indicates negativity inside of yourself that needs to be addressed, while an unclean one signals that these feelings have festered for too long. Make sure to note if the toilet paper dispenser or soap pump is empty because this could indicate emotional emptiness on some level.

Bathroom Sink Faucet

A bathroom sink is a place where you can refresh your face and brush the day away with an effective toothbrush. You take small but impactful steps to renew yourself when in this private sanctuary that many have forgotten about.

Bathroom Tub

A dream with a bathtub in it might be telling you that you need to take some time out and spend on pampering yourself.

Bathroom Toilet

Don’t constantly keep your negative emotions inside, or they will become a problem. If you have an active toilet in the dream and it doesn’t work properly, consider fixing that now!

Bathroom Toilet Paper

After you dream about a roll of toilet paper, it’s time to get ready for emotional healing.

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