What Does It Mean To Dream About Being Afraid?


It is a basic emotion, which belongs to both men and animals, and emotion-driven by instinct that seeks to survive when there are dangerous situations. Fear affects everyone, a minimum of once in life, from childhood, when it’s “most contained”, to adulthood, when it becomes more destabilizing, a source of real anguish. It encompasses states of various emotional intensity, starting from fear or worry, to anxiety or terror, i.e., classical pathological forms.

But what’s the genesis of fear? Where does it originate from? research results in the claim that objects, people, or situations can potentially be perceived and experienced as a source of danger and threat to one’s safety and, therefore, provoke a sense of fear.

And as in point of fact, also in dreams, this sense is alive, intense, “bodily”, enlarged or diminished in step with the intensity of fear experienced by the dreamer. within the next paragraph, we are going to cater to the symbolism associated with the dream of being afraid.

Dreaming of being afraid: symbolism of this dream image

  • It is not an infrequent dream, whose “proportion” is maybe within the state of tension or stress within which the topic is, determined by a piece or personal situation, or perhaps by a fragile phase of his life.
  • Dreaming of fear is a picture that’s linked to threatening or mysterious situations, within which it’s not known what’s visiting, situations that generate concern, anxiety for what’s not known, for the unknown, or for something that knows fine and is perceived as a possible danger to life.
  • This “state”, in dreams, appears within the type of terrifying visions, from which it’s difficult to flee, which upon awakening leaves us stunned and sometimes in panic.
  • The motivations behind dreaming of being afraid are many and multifaceted, but all of them have the common denominator of the fear of living, acting, walking in new paths. and also the unconscious part tries to “alert” or, on the contrary, to “request” the dreamer, consistent with the precise situation that he lived in this moment.

Dreaming of being afraid: the foremost common images

After highlighting the symbology associated with dreaming about being afraid, let’s study a number of the foremost recurring dream visions below.

Dreaming of being petrified of falling, dreaming of being scared of height, are images that visit suffering but also to insufficiency, which find their meaning within the dreamer’s lack of confidence, in his feeling of guilt, in his extreme concern a couple of given situation.

Dreaming of being terrified of water, dreaming of being petrified of fire, are visions that respectively symbolize the dreamers must postpone any ongoing project, and therefore the lack of objectivity in their evaluations.

Dreaming of being fearful of the storm denotes problems within the professional environment.

Dreaming of being petrified of the dark may be a quite common dream vision, especially within the presence of changes at work, new sentimental perspectives on the horizon, or an exam that one doesn’t feel sufficiently prepared for. it’s a picture, therefore, linked to the issues of life, which the dreamer doesn’t understand how to pander to, and by which he feels overwhelmed, overwhelmed.

The dark one represents the area, the unknown of the long run, the uncertainty during which it staggers: it are often perceived as an excellent emptiness during which you lose yourself, or as something consistent, with lots of body, but in both cases, it refers to everything that you simply not know what you fear precisely.

The total darkness denotes an absolute lack of prospects, desires; a tiny low light, on the contrary, gives a glimpse of hope, a break, for the dreamer, of finding an answer, of having the ability to face his insecurities and fears.

Dreaming of being afraid: lottery numbers

The “classic” number, related to dreaming of being afraid, is number 90. Then we must consider the particular cases: thus, for instance, the amount associated with dreaming of being petrified of water is 33, the one associated with dreaming of being petrified of fire, 37, the one associated with dreaming of being fearful of the storm, the 30, the …. If you dream of being frightened of the dark, finally, you have got to play number 53.

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