what does it mean to dream about belly?


Dreams of one’s own belly are often connected to our spiritual center that lies within. When we don’t acknowledge the spiritual side of life, this dream warns us about a need for healing and potential trust in obscurity. If you’re pregnant, it shows your new baby on its way into the world; if not then an expanded stomach means expanding spirituality ahead!

If you dream that your belly aches, it means good health in the near future. If something falls on your stomach, be prepared for a humiliating experience tomorrow or sometime soon. To have a swollen stomach predicts short term illness will come to you very soon.

When you dream that your stomach is upset or swollen, it means to watch out for jealous friends. If you have a bellyache in a dream, someone close will betray some of our secrets.

In your dream you may have

Seen your own belly.
Seen somebody else’s belly.
Had a pain in your belly.
Seen a belly piercing.
Positive changes are afoot if
You were satisfied by the shape and size of your belly.
You felt free and content baring your belly.
The belly was natural.
The belly you saw was decorated beautifully.

Detailed dream interpretation

A dream where you have a big, round belly can mean different things depending on whether it is more prominent in men or women. A man with a protruding stomach may be going through some legal troubles and taking care of business while having to defend himself. But when the same comes from someone who isn’t male, then great gains are coming their way like never before!

Dreaming about your belly might mean that you are hiding something or feeling envious. A man with a big belly could indicate laziness, while a woman’s bared stomach suggests secrets and intrigue. If dreaming of your own belly indicates health problems in the waking world, it also means some short-term issues may arise for you as well.

You may have experienced feeling sick, in pain, upset, or worried during a dream of seeing your belly.

You might also feel self-conscious and satisfied at the same time if you had an erotic dream about yourself looking as thin as ever! On contrast to this scenario is one where you are embarrassed by how much weight gain has happened since puberty hit because that was when all hell broke lose with my metabolism.

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