What Does it Mean to Dream About Bigamy?

What Does it Mean to Dream About Bigamy?

To dream of bigamy means that you are dishonest in your waking life. People often dream that they are in a relationship with someone who is already married to another person. It’s unclear if this means the individual has concerns about their own romantic relationships or whether it represents dishonesty from other people in waking life. To understand your dreams on these topics, you need to observe what message they convey and how close personal ties relate? In your dream, you may have been a bigamist. You married someone twice, and now it’s time to settle down with one person for the long haul!

Detailed interpretation of your dream

If a man dreams about having two wives, it may mean that his sexual desire and rational thought will soon be depleted. For women dreaming of having had multiple husbands, you should take care to preserve your reputation for the sake of future prospects. To dream about being married twice suggests an analysis period in which one weighs options before making decisions with long-term consequences. It’s hard to imagine that someone would betray you in your everyday life, but it happens more often than we know. To dream about a bigamist means there is deceit within the people around you, and they might not be who they say they are. The person may even have multiple personalities due to their deception.

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