What Does it Mean to Dream About Bikini?

What Does it Mean to Dream About Bikini?

If you dream about wearing a bikini, this can represent your desire for exposure yet you feel confident. It could also relate to how and why you are putting on that particular outfit in the first place and point back to some event from when we were younger and more superficial with our desires but still intimately all wrapped up together inside us.

Dream About Wearing Bikini

Putting On Bikini

A meeting with someone bold and beautiful. Get yourself out in the open and be available to others - a bikini is just what you’ll need for this! You will have to express your feelings freely.

Taking Bikini Off

Your dreams tell you that you want to be more out there with your desires and are unafraid to share them, which can help lead to a happier relationship.

Trying on Bikini

Dreaming of trying on a bikini at clothing stores may represent your confusion about sexual feelings and expectations. You worry that you are not giving the right signals to male friends, or you want them to know how interested in themself they make you feel.

Looking for Missing Bikini

You can’t help but think about how you are looking for your missing bikini after an amusement water park ride or from a tidal wave while surfing. This time it is different because not only will this wild experience be physical - there’s the possibility of falling in love as well! However, soon enough, reality may set back into place and you will have to work to get things back to normalcy.

Bikini Does Not Fit

A woman’s dream about a bikini that does not fit is often an indication of her fear surrounding health or appearances. This may be related to the stress caused by symptoms such as weight gain, aging features, or pregnancy.

Dream About Bikini Appearances

White Bikini

One of the most popular pieces in any wardrobe is a white bikini. It symbolizes your need to be innocent and pure, but you are not getting enough intimate experiences to feel satisfied. You want people around you because it makes them think that they have an opportunity with you when there isn’t one available at all.

Black Bikini

You will start an intimate relationship with an unexpected friend, which will be fun and sexy.

Blue Bikini

Your choice of a blue bikini reveals your desire to attract the opposite gender. You want someone who will be drawn to you, not just physically but also emotionally and intellectually. You don’t need to opt for a one-night stand. It’s better to develop a meaningful relationship first.

Green Bikini

The color green has a calming effect and is often associated with nostalgia. If you see a green bikini in your dream, some relationships can calm you down, so it could be worth exploring if this applies in your life too!

Red Bikini

You’re seeking a thrill in your life, and you want people to see the sexy side of you. You’ll be willing to take risks as long as they feed this desire inside of you! A red bikini is symbolic that it’s time for something new.

Bikini Wax

People go through a bikini wax and then worry that they might be sexually attracted to their friend or colleague. They want the desire and attraction to kindle between them, but there’s always an underlying fear of being rejected if it becomes known.

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