What Does it Mean to Dream About Buttons ?


To dream about buttons means that you are feeling put upon or imposed on by others in some way. Rather than taking an active role in your own lives or having the personal power of taking initiative to make changes occur on your own terms. Buttons represent the self and personal control over your life which is being taken away from you. You may feel as though someone else has got their finger on all of the important buttons controlling your life, needs, desires, and feelings. They are pressing them for you with no regard for what decisions you might like to make independently. If you realize this is happening, then take back some of those buttons and use them as a tool in proving to help yourself and make a good decision.


Buttoned Up

Dreaming about buttons on your clothes suggests that you may be too buttoned up. It would be better if you loosened the reins a little and stopped lecturing yourself to death about things in life, like work attire or what people think of you for dressing differently than they do. The meaning of the dream can also be connected to how smoothly something goes, such as a project that is finished or run very fast and done well. For example, if you dream about buttons being on clothing and they are tightly buttoned together can indicate a project well done.


Unbuttoning Clothing

To dream that you are unbuttoning your clothes might signal that it’s time to open up and express yourself more. You may feel like there is a disconnect or pressure between what you want for yourself, how others perceive you, and the way in which people can get close to who they truly think you are.

Wear Clothing With Buttons Lost

To fix a button on an article of clothing is to reaffirm your sense of self and self-worth. If you have lost any buttons, sewing them back onto the fabric can be symbolic of restoring yourself after feeling down or ashamed about what other people think of you.

Box or Pile of Loose Buttons

A button in a dream can represent your lifestyle. A loose or improperly fastened button in a dream means that you are carelessly spending too much money, which will likely lead to debt and poverty in the future.


Sewing Buttons onto Clothing

You might be a type of seamstress, but you’ve been having trouble sewing up the tears in your life. If you dreamt of sewing buttons on a piece of clothing, maybe it’s time to get out some spiritual thread and needle and sew the wounds that have opened up around your soul.

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