what does it mean to dream about canes?


In your dreams, canes or crutches are often interpreted as a sign that you need to find the strength and support of others around you. You may be struggling with something in life right now where it feels like no matter what direction you go. There is opposition blocking your way, so make sure those close friends and family members know they’re there for more than just emotional support.

Dream About Using Canes Dream About Fighting with a Cane

You are feeling alone and isolated. You feel like you stand out from your peers as if they have abandoned you in some way or another.

You dream about using a cane to beat people - this is how the frustration of not being able to do what used to be easy for them manifests itself into anger directed at others around him/herself.

Dream About Walking with Crutches

Progression is not always easy, and walking with crutches or a cane alludes to the idea that you are losing or missing your capability of carrying yourself forward. You need help from other people, but no one will offer it without being asked for assistance first.

Dream About Someone Beating You with Cane

Why are people so interested in beating others? I feel like this dream is trying to tell me that someone wants a submissive relationship with me, and they’re taking advantage of my need for emotional support.

Dream About Different Canes Dream About Candy Cane

A candy cane in your dream may be a sign of good fortune on the horizon. This could mean that an opportunity has come knocking at your door, but it’s not exactly what you wanted to happen. Alternatively, this might indicate how much Christmas festivities occupy your mind and give way too many holiday shopping ideas.

Dream About Walking Cane

A cane is a tool that can help someone walk, and in the context of your dream, it could symbolize support for goals. In order to better utilize third-party resources when making progress toward those goals, you should try not to rely on them as much, so they don’t get weighed down by their decisions.

Dream About Broken Walking Cane

The broken walking canes in your dream forewarn that you are about to undergo a drastic change. The people who have always have your back may no longer be there for support or guidance, which leaves you feeling alone and overwhelmed. Start preparing yourself now by learning how to stand on your own two feet as much as possible so when the inevitable happens, it doesn’t completely knock down what’s left of stability in life.

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