What Does It Mean To Dream About Coyotes?


What does it mean to dream about the coyote?

Many dream interpretations are greatly influenced by dreamers’ culture, religion, and other personal belief structures. Thus, whether it is good or bad to dream about coyotes would perhaps be seen differently from dreamer to dreamer.


Scholars and dreamers alike have long been puzzled by the coyote. Known for its troublemaking ways, this creature tends to see creative things happen even though it means causing chaos or mischief in one’s wake.

The question is not “What does Coyote mean?” but rather: Why do so many people find themselves dreaming about these creatures? It seems that there are three reasons as to why Coyotes show up in your dreams most often after all of their antics with humans throughout history - they’re good at creating change from an outside force (which may be what you need), trying out new ideas without fear of repercussion, or making necessary changes when faced with difficult situations we can’t handle ourselves.

Black Elk (Lakota), “Coyote was the first who could dream. He was always trying new things before we were born, but he never thought straight”. These creatures are very popular characters for dreamers.

They are perhaps why they are so often dreamt about - because of their ability to cause chaos or mischief in someone’s wake without having any remorse.

The Native American Indians believe that if somebody dreams about an animal spirit guide such as coyotes or bears, then the spirits are trying to send them a message. To interpret this message correctly, one must engage with their spirit guides, which will help translate the meaning of those animal spirits’ actions and gestures into clear human terms.

One interpretation of coyote symbolism is that they appear to us in dreams and vision because of their ability to create change.


According to dream interpreters, a coyote might hold a special meaning for dreamers amid huge life transitions. Seeing a coyote in your dream might mean that you are going to meet someone who will be a very significant figure in your lifetime.

Indeed, coyotes appear to us for various reasons, and it’s rare that they only show up for one task. For example, if you dream about coyotes and then dream about being chased by coyotes shortly after that, there is probably a message from your instinctual self trying to warn you not to take on too many responsibilities, or people may call you “chicken”!

His tricks might be considered negative, but he ultimately has the power to change things for the better. The symbolism of coyotes appearing in a dream can inspire dreamers to act on their intentions and take control rather than be passive victims of fate. Coyote appears when dreamers have something to run away from. Dreams can serve as a warning dream of an impending crisis in one’s life or issues dreamers are having.

If it appears that dreamers visualize coyotes chasing them, this dream is particularly negative because dreamers sense feeling threatened and powerless. When coyote shows up, dreamers fear they will not be heard or understood, meaning that for the moment they feel insignificant.

The most positive aspect of dreaming about coyotes is the opportunity to connect with their instinctual self. The animal instinct may tell dreamers how best to proceed by setting clear goals with realistic parameters; however, if they remain oblivious to these goals established by their instinctual self, then being chased by coyotes represents a failure for them dreamers.


Dreaming about more than two coyotes

If you see more than two coyotes in your dream, it signifies that dreamers will be challenged with various options. This dream requires dreamers to make up their minds and then find a path that leads them to success in their endeavors.

Dream of being chased or attacked by coyotes

Coyotes chasing or attacking dreamers signify that dreamers must pay attention to their instincts about people, ideas, or situations; otherwise, they may end up regretting it later on. It also signifies that dreamers are aware of untruths or lies being propagated by certain individuals, so it would be best for dreamers to keep a safe distance from these people.

If you dream about killing coyotes, this represents your feelings regarding the irrational behavior of some individuals who tend to prey on others’ weaknesses and vulnerabilities to get what they want.

Dreaming about killing an injured coyote means that one of your enemies will soon die from some terrible sickness or accident, and it also warns everyone around them to avoid being too close to him because he will bring them down with him.

Dreams of running  along with coyotes

Dream about running or walking with coyotes as good dreams, but it also means that you need to watch out for those who seem dangerous because they might betray you in the end.


If you dream of seeing coyotes during the daytime while awake, then its meaning signifies violent times ahead, especially if they were chasing after you in this dream.


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