What Does It Mean to Dream About Crocodiles and Alligators?

What Does It Mean to Dream About Crocodiles and Alligators?

Dream Meaning of Crocodiles and Alligators

Alligators and crocodiles are so close in their appearance. They both sometimes have very close meanings.

Why bother having a distinction between an alligator and a crocodile?

The differences that they do have can cause an alteration in what the dream means. The differences between the two are incredibly minor, as the shape of their noses, but other differences are of vital importance.

For example, An alligator does not usually consider humans as something to devour on, but on the other hand, crocodiles won’t shy away from it when they get a chance to. This is one of the most extensive facts that affect the interpretation.

Now, a crocodile bears its teeth when it closes, but an alligator does not. If you see the alligator with a closed mouth and no teeth visible, you might need to sit tight during your waking life. If you see a tooth-holding crocodile in your dream narrative, you might do well to put up your defenses in a situation or any event that might involve an aggressive action to achieve its goal.

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About alligators…

Alligators are cold-blooded reptiles that spend most of their time in the dark, disturbing waters, but they also come out to the land occasionally; this makes them a symbol of duality as they move from the ground to the freshwater. They are creatures that signify the balance between earthly and watery elements of polyphony in both physical and emotional dominions you need to seek.

Alligators have a very rough exterior skin, and it may serve as a message for you to take a note and have one. Alligators can run with their belly stuck to the ground. It is a sign for you to be grounded and connected to the earth to your roots.

To decipher these dreams, you need to consider the surrounding the amphibian dwells in. When in water is it salty, the nature of the water, is the alligator out of its natural habitat onto the ground? Try to remember things like these as they help decipher and decode what the dream means.

If the alligator is on the ground, it means that some underlying issues of yours are coming to the surface that you may or may not deal with in a good way.

Is the water dark, loud, disturbed, or clear as a crystal? If it is unclear or seems sinister, the tone of your dream message may be one assigning a more somber tone. In contrast, clear waters may even suggest smooth sailing through a situation or the development of clear understanding.

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About crocodiles…

A lot like alligator dreams, but they have somewhat of a unique interpretation compared to alligator dreams. When you see this terrifying toothy animal in your dreams, you should be careful in your waking life.

Crocodiles have been proving themselves fierce, dangerous and have been known to be hostile for centuries. They forewarn possible problems in one’s life, particularly issues with anger management issues. Brace yourself if a croc appears in your dream, typically when you know the ride is going to be bumpy ahead.

The nature of the crocodile is associated with freedom, unparalleled power, and strength. Consider the teeth of the croc and their biting nature, and remember how someone’s words can cut right through you. The croc is a warning for you to be away from violent situations created by you or even someone else’s actions.  Behaviours of this sort lead to deeper and unforgiving wounds that might be similar to the bite of the croc!.

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Saltwater crocs

This symbolizes the earth and water as one, which matches the way they adapt both on land and water. This dream suggests duality, i.e., extreme. When deciphering the croc as a symbol, you need to consider the extremes of the situation you are in or might be caught up in and prepare yourself, try to find a medium ground of both positions, and make both the parties happy, not favouring one over the other.

The crocodile even represents negative factors of heartlessness and hypothetical situations. How may you ask? Have you ever heard of crocodile tears? This is a play on the hypocritical behaviours of the people. To see a croc in your dreams hints at the need to realize the viciousness or control of how a person can be or someone’s actions.

This animal is the master of ambushing someone, and it’s a sign of incredible patience. It can put on a show or a sort of a guise of being asleep or being hidden in plain sight. These characteristics of the crocodile allow it to serve as a dream message about people around you that wear masks and disguises and may even fool you by using these facades.

The sheer fierceness of a croc demands that you respect its power and the potential it holds. Consider it a context. Ask yourself if you need to be fierce in the upcoming days, or do you need to develop a thick skin?

Also, consider that this creature preys only at its convenience, and is coming to let you know that there is no time like now and that you should try to live in the now. The crocodile will ultimately help you understand messages coming from the core so you can finally be face to face with your emotional monsters and defeat them once and for all.

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