What does it mean to dream about crossing road?


The road represents the direction of life. When you dream about crossing a road, it signals that events are heading your way, and they will help move you towards your goals in life!

A road in a dream can symbolize your social behaviour, and the course of your life is like crossing different roads. It could also represent predispositions; virtually any path you take (a relationship, business venture, frame of mind) or even yourself (your actions), it’s all like walking along various roads in a dream. The size/width/abundance [of the road], its overall cleanliness or number of people on that particular street are important to consider when determining what “road” means.

In your dream, you may have seen a strange road. The next moment it might fold or crack and suddenly appear in front of you. Or maybe the busy street was smooth like glass and had no car on it at all! Perhaps someone even crossed from one side to another while being chased by something that looked scary?

If you’re able to cross the road successfully, it might be a sign that positive changes are on their way. It’s also possible your dream is about happiness and enjoyment; people in dreams often symbolize what we value or want for ourselves.

Detailed dream interpretation

In a dream, crossing the street suggests that there is something on your mind. Not travelling or even encountering railroads in dreams implies many hurdles to achieving goals ahead of us, but we shall make them through hard work! If it’s busy and you didn’t cross over, this means life will be difficult for a short while until obstacles are overcome.

Crossing the road is a metaphor for taking risks in life. When you’re twenty-one, your character will be intense and severe; after 22, it will break out into confidence. By 21, you’ll come across as adventurous to those around you now that specific paths are uncertain - this might mean something different or special about yourself manifests itself at age 22 (in work).

The road that you cross symbolizes the path to success. If it’s smooth, then others will help your ventures; if surrounded by trees or a wall, there is steady improvement in waking life and climbing up social ladders; falling over indicates good results for a career.

In a dream, crossing an unknown street represents your search for ways to find a fresh perspective. If you meet someone who is also crossing the same road at another side, this symbolizes how people and other environments affect others in real life. It could be that they pose as intimidating creatures or obstacles we need to overcome regardless of their appearance, like what you might encounter shortly during waking hours.

If you cross the road and are attacked, this is a sign that there will be other people who wish to attack you in waking life. If an explosion occurs while crossing the road, it represents a volatile situation at work that may have already turned violent.

A road is a busy place, always full of people and cars. Sometimes you need to take the time out of your life for yourself in order to think about what’s important. Seeing someone else cross that road means it’s time to go into that protected area so I can sort my goals out once and for all.

Dreaming about crossing the road can elicit a range of emotions. When your dream involves you on one side and someone else in danger on another, it’s common to feel fear or anger; however, there are also feelings of wanting to help that person cross safely or relief when they get across successfully.

Grace Thorpe

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