What Does it Mean to Dream About Dragons?

What Does it Mean to Dream About Dragons?

Dream Meaning of Dragons

Your subconscious mind creates your dreams, and therefore the interpretation of dreams is pretty tricky but also very interesting at the same time. A dragon in your dreams represents strength and power hidden deep within you. It can be a reminder to use creativity to survive adversity. If you dare to walk in another world and dream of a dragon sleeping then it is quite an exceptional thing because dreaming of a dragon sleeping implies that you conquer fear, sadness, and other obstacles that will not hold you back anymore.

It’s very common for people to have dreamed of dragons. Dragons are powerful spiritual beings in the dreaming landscape. They represent your different powers depending on what kind of a dragon you meet in your dreams. The meaning of seeing a red dragon contains a positive meaning while seeing a black dragon represents negative situations.

Depending on different cultures and societies, dragons are depicted in various ways. A dragon represents the ability of dreaming and its respect for our choice to enjoy everyday dreaming. It is also related to dreaming in the spiritual realm – a realm that holds all possibilities that are beyond the limitations of the densely bound material realm.

In dreaming parlance, dragons are often depicted in various roles, depending on their color:

Dragons are depicted as bringers of luck and success who will help people to achieve their goals. This is often because dragons have a mystical and magical power using which they can dream of going to distant worlds and take with them their fellow dreamers including humans (think of the movie - How To Train Your Dragon).

A white dragon represents good luck and fortune, while a gold dragon indicates abundant dreaming opportunities.

The red dragon symbolizes that dreaming is being threatened, but it also represents the positive force of dreaming and its ability to beat adverse situations through its growing confidence. A red dragon signifies transformation – from unfavourable to favourable circumstances. In this case, it might be wise for you to seek out ways to resolve your current problems rather than fighting against them (be they violent or non-violent ).

Dragons have a fearsome aura with their monstrous looks, but they can be both benevolent or malevolent. Dragons symbolize dreaming, life, energy, and private power. Overall, in the dreaming realm, dragon symbols occur mainly in an exceedingly positive context, while in dreams about dragons, there are also other creatures similar to it; for instance, serpents, wyverns, worms, sea monsters, and others which can be interpreted similarly. It is believed that dreaming of being swallowed by a dragon increases overcoming fear and a gain in self-confidence and creativity.

Dreaming about defeating a dragon indicates the overcoming of obstacles in your waking life. Smashing one’s head against the wall while dreaming can predict the failure of your strategies in real life and plans designed for material well-being. If you dreamed of seeing an open wound on your hand from the finger down which occurred because of fighting a dragon while dreaming then it may imply that you have to learn to deal with challenges in real life using subtle ways rather than using violence.

Interpretations about Dreams with Dragons

Interpretations of dreams with dragons in them can have many various subtleties and meanings. Dreaming about a dragon in numerous ways could mean many things. It can be an omen for either bad or good luck. Seeing them as destructive shows that you are having problems with your attitude and thinking skills. If you dream of dragons attacking you, indicates that it is tough on the horizon for you, but dreaming of killing a dragon means that all the fights will soon end and something good is springing up ahead. Seeing dragons flying around indicates positivity, so new ideas and opportunities in life are soon to come back when dreaming of baby dragons. If you see dragons chasing after your enemies, it represents courage in your relationship, while dreaming of fighting with one portrays conflict within yourself over some issues. Dreaming about dragons that have references in books means that there will be an inflow of knowledge in your waking life.

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Dream about Dragon Spitting Fire

Dreaming of a dragon spitting fire can be scary, but it can be quite good if it does not hurt you. Dragons appearing in your dreams indicates that they are guarding over you or watching over your life. If you had this sort of a dream, it would suggest that your feelings or thoughts are very strong and powerful at this time in life.

Dream about Seeing a Dragon Flying

Dreaming about seeing a dragon flying in the sky can signify upcoming troubles or obstacles. Once again, dreaming about dragons with good intentions usually tells us that something positive will commence from all these negative situations we are looking for.

When you see dragons in the sky, dreaming of them flying across the sky can represent change. You are going through a life transformation and shortly enough things will be better.

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Dream about Dragons Flying

If you have dreams wherein you see dragons flying then it can be thought to symbolize escaping the present situation. It reflects a goal to flee from your problems or challenges in reality.

Dreaming about dragons flying indicates escapism but dreaming about sleeping dragons has a different meaning! This dream implies that the approaching phase of your life will be quiet and peaceful. You will have a good time along with your family and friends.

What does dreaming about Dragon denote?

There are several meanings of dreaming about dragons. If you dreamt of them several times, they can be symbols and show the things going on in your mind at that time in your waking life. For example, dreaming about dragons flying means: good luck is coming to you; dreaming about dragon sleeping means: time for peace; dreaming about dragons fighting with other evil creatures like giant spiders means: you have difficulties solving problems by yourself, but it’s better if you ask someone else for help if you want a clear interpretation. If your dreams are profound concentrate on each detail in your dreams because it’s better if nothing slips through the cracks.

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Dream about Dragon Attacking you

Dreams about dragons attacking you are typically experienced as nightmares and signify that you will simply face some threat. Dreams about dragons are often related to dreaming about the creatures or symbols, which have some hidden meaning. As an example, dreaming about dragons has been associated with pursuit and domination by an external threat. People who dream about dragons tend to think more actively in waking life when put next to those that don’t dream that often and so much.

On the other hand, dreaming about fighting or being attacked by a dragon means you may be facing some struggles soon. Use caution to avoid losing possessions and do not turn down help from someone near you when you are suffering. If nobody around can aid you during this struggle, then it probably implies that this person will become an important part of your life in the near future.

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Dream about Riding or Being Chased by a Dragon

Dreams about riding a dragon mean that you are on top of things and may positively change your situation. If you dream of being chased by a dragon, followed by death and devastation, it implies that the changes in real life are going to be negative. Such dreams are clearly indicative of your power, strength, and how to use them in life once you have overcome your self-doubt and fears. If you see that individuals are trying to kill a dragon then it means that there’s jealousy from friends or members of the family.

Dreaming about many dragons surrounding you

If you see that there are dragons everywhere at the place where you are then it implies that you have goals but no way to invest in them in reality because there are too many obstacles on your way but the most effective interpretation of this dream would mean overcoming these difficulties.

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