What Does It Mean To Dream About Earth?


Meaning of Dreaming about Planet Earth

Among the weather that governs the fabric cycle of being, the planet possesses, above all, an infinite matriarchal component that strongly determines its symbolic conception; it’s the depository of Life and Death itself, the sole and exclusive witness of the eternal cyclicality of existence, a part with which man has always had a symbiotic, indissoluble bond, and which has ensured his survival throughout the ages.

She represents the magical and mystical authority of the female, the protective, tolerant and loving element, which guarantees growth and development, also within the psychic sense, the likelihood of transcending the boundaries of the intellect; she is that the nourishment, the covering, but also the damaging oblivion of indeterminacy, of the annulment of consciousness, of perplexity, she is that the world of the dead, the ancestral link with everything that has been buried for hundreds of years, to try and do not disturb the quiet flow of thought.

The Earth may be a psychic archetype within the full sense, that is, a fossilized inner image within the stratification of man’s collective consciousness, whose eloquent symbolic expression is represented by the Mother Goddess, who was a spiritual and artistic point of reference especially within the primitiveness.

The goddess mother Earth in dreams

The fundamental attribute for every kind of image which will be defined as an archetype is that the absolute ambivalence of the symbol itself; in this case, the planet and also the matriarchal divinity connected to that merge into positive and negative characteristics.

The ambivalence of this image is found precisely within the primitive era of human evolution, where the Mother Goddess has conceived because of the repository of the destructive and devouring forces that put the person under her yoke, which later, progressively, was sacralized and transformed into a positive symbol.

Specifically, the Universal Mother can have the maximum amount to try and do with the dissolution of the self, understood as a principle of individuation and thus as an emblem of chaotic destruction of one’s rational defenses, because it may be positively considered because the vital and reworking principle that pushes to vary, to rebirth and thus to new life.

Dreaming of the world necessarily means looking at this ambivalence, it means stepping into close contact with the maternal Divinity that every folk have represented in our own psychic depths which transcends all modern bourgeois elements to revive our anthropological roots; Earth is that the uterine environment from which we all descend, it’s the undisputed lady of birth and pregnancy, fertility and therefore the flow of nutrients from which we are made.

The Importance Of the Planet in Dreams

Beyond the innumerable anthropological components which will be obtained from this symbol, when the planet appears in dreams it’s a series of very precise meanings that should do with the element’s own consistency; it’s part that’s closely associated with the fabric, objective,, and commensurable entities of our lives: it’s, in particular, the entity on which we rest our feet, due to which we manage to stay in balance, completely stable, and with which we establish a detailed bond since childhood.

It means we feel perfectly firm within the face of the innumerable phenomena that characterize our biographical experiences which we have a particular consistency of action.

When in dreams we touch the world, we model it, we create new forms from its consistency, it’s a definite invitation to implement our imaginary and artistic faculties, to grant an empirical basis to our aspirations and to continue cultivating them, being then the symbol particularly related With fertility and wealth, here it becomes a true good omen.

We must not forget that, even before cultivating it, the person dug the planet, so this is often the primary action that determined our relationship with this element.

The Earth in dreams invites us again to dig, certainly in our consciousness, to seem for all the traditional elements that are buried there, and to place them back to play through a renewed confrontation with ourselves, is to achieve the next level of self-awareness. and understanding of their own being. it’s not always and necessarily a pleasing confrontation, on the contrary, it’s about bringing to light facts and phenomena that are hidden underground for an awfully specific reason; an action that in modern psychology is named removal.


  • Dreaming of fertile, humid, and humid land: it’s the prelude to wealth and private growth, and thus to the conclusion of one’s own projects.
  • Dreaming of red earth: doubly positive dream, both the planet and also the color red are closely linked to concepts that give life, invigorate, and energize.
  • Dreaming of dry and burned earth: the negative counterpart of the planet, dryness, and burning indicate tiredness, fatigue to measure, emotional and emotional emptiness, a spirit consumed, or too close comparison with external events.
  • Dreaming of the Scorched Earth: Fire is destruction and purification at the identical time, during this case, it’s a destruction of an old aspect of one’s personality so a replacement one is often born.
  • Dreaming of being underground: it’s the primordial condition of the creature, inside the womb, it underlines the requirement for security, comfort, protection on the part of the dreamer.
  • Dreaming of being buried underground: being forcibly taken underground, on the opposite hand, is a sign of high frustration and a way of oppression, true suffocation for external worldliness.


For the land normally, cabal and grimace suggest 42; wet earth 34; object 74.

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