what does it mean to dream about flamethrowers?

what does it mean to dream about flamethrowers?

Did you dream about flamethrowers? To see or use a flamethrower in the dream refers to bad words that you or someone yields. These bad words are the fire that has the facility to handle permanent damage. Someone is threatening you with his words or words that can break your dreams.

Flames are also eager to make sense of life, which could mean he contains a powerful belief in something. For example, if someone uses a flamethrower to burn you specifically, the dreams refer to some plot against you.

Suppose you use the flamethrower gun to burn off the grass in the dream. In that case, the flamethrower is burning its bridges and connections with people surrounding him. If anyone dreams about flamethrowers, the dreams can also be a piece of information to verify that you are working hard or fighting for some cause.

Many dreams with a flamethrower illustrate the dream of a very strong and demanding person in life. The dreams about flames burning people could mean he has many enemies.

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