What Does It Mean To Dream About Grapes And Bunches?


In the world of dream interpretation, fruits are the symbol of results. Grapes represent abundance, fecundity, fertility, and after all wealth.

According to the parade of the many, the grapes contain the representation of the goal achieved after many sacrifices.

It could symbolize both metals, personal or inner satisfaction, furthermore as monetary benefits. In general, dreaming about grapes heralds a period of positive events. The grape for its shape recalls the symbolism of the circle for its formal perfection that recalls the completeness, symbol of the universe, and life.

Meaning of this dream in times of yore

According to historical evidence, those that dreamed of a vineyard that failed to bear fruit had a hunch that warned of probable infertility. Although dreaming of grapes in most cases was the representation of erotic pleasure.

The Arabs interpreted the dream on the idea of the color of the grape: if it had been green it announced disagreements, if it absolutely was white and ripe it indicated happiness.

Also important is that the symbolism of the vineyard and also the vine and their holiness found within the books of the will; the worth linked to the harvest, to the assembly of wine, if the harvest was abundant and its care.


The grape that appears in an exceeding dream represents happiness and well-being, it’s a premonitory dream that warns of an unexpected encounter with a lover hunted for it slow and with whom he will gladly spend most time of his life.

It is the fruit that represents well-being normally.

Even for ladies, it bodes well; of course, if you dream of grapes wrapped around your belly you may probably get pregnant.

Very interesting is that the symbolism associated with the colors of the fruit you dream of:

  • Green grapes symbolize recovery from illness;
  • Dreaming of red grape indicates that your sex life will start to travel wild;
  • Dreams with white grapes indicate that an extended friendship will begin, or the answer of controversy due to a relative; Black grapes, for some, indicates a loss, for others, it symbolizes happy moments.


  • Dreaming of very small grapes - indicates frustration and disappointment; while raisins or raisins indicate work problems. Unripe grapes: they symbolize making a very important and quite difficult decision.
  • Dreaming of separating the grapes from the bunch: it symbolizes losses generally.
  • Dreaming of a bunch of grapes: it’s a logo of family serenity or the advantages obtained with the assistance of a devotee or close relative.
  • The choice of the bunch: symbolizes financial gains. Dreaming of grapes without bunches of grapes predicts economic difficulties and work problems. On the opposite hand, dreaming of vines with many bunches of grapes indicates a prosperous future or the arrival of a probable legacy.
  • The vintage - in a very dream announces that the expressed wishes will come true and can achieve success both in business and within the sphere of affection.
  • The pressing of grapes - in an exceeding dream indicates the achievement of one’s own goals.
  • Dreaming of compacting grapes - announces the peace which will be made with an expensive friend.


Dreaming of eating grapes - contains multiple facets of meaning like prosperity and wealth or profit, similarly as pleasures and joys; if the grain is eaten one at a time it indicates excellent news from relatives; eating it directly from the bunch, for a girl, represents courtship; Seeing people eating grapes symbolizes new loves and new friends that are coming soon.

When you eat grapes despite being during a dream and feel a sweet taste this represents a gathering with an absent individual; if the taste is sour there’ll be misunderstandings with the couple up important issues.

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