What Does It Mean to Dream About Heights?

What Does It Mean to Dream About Heights?

Dream Meaning of Heights

Dreams about heights are pretty standard. Most people have anxiety over being on a height, or at least feel uncomfortable about it.

Some people have a severe phobia about heights, which is labeled as acrophobia. These people have an irrational fear of heights, which usually rises when they find themselves in heights like tall stairs, buildings, mountains, and even hills, etc.

Mostly those who fear heights are not the only ones to dream about it, almost anyone can dream about heights. These dreams are very symbolic.

When dreaming about heights, we usually dream about being in a high place or falling from a height.

Sometimes we dream about seeing something placed somewhere high or dream of being afraid of heights.

Some people consider heights as something that they can conquer and manage to experience a sense of thrill while doing it. Other people think of heights as something they do not have a direct view of.

Dreams about heights could be a sign of new and consuming events and thrills you could soon experience. In some cases, dreams of heights could symbolize hurdles and challenges that you might soon encounter. The bigger the height, the more significant the hurdle that you might come across to achieve your goals.

Such dreams often symbolize issues that are related to your career and work. After a dream about heights, you could come across problems with your business too.

Often dreams about heights expose you to achieve some great success in some field or get something that you want.

If you dreamed about being at a colossal height, or even if you dreamed that you were very tall, that dream is a sign of respect, power, and strength you possess along with the height. If you dreamed of being at low elevations, that usually symbolizes you being weak and feeling powerless or insignificant.

In some cases, dreams about heights could reveal that you feel scared by someone or something in your life.

You could feel that you are taking way too many liabilities to accomplish something if you wonder if it is worth the effort and the time you invest.

For determining the meaning of the dream, you need to determine if the dream is afraid of heights or not.

If a dreamer feels uncomfortable, they are afraid of something that’s out of their power.

If a person who is not afraid of heights dreams about something like this, you are optimistic about accomplishing your goals and desires.

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Dreams about heights and their interpretation

Dreaming about a fear of heights

If you dream about heights and are afraid of heights, it could indicate that you are scared of things you cannot control and cannot seem to make peace with.

A dream of fear of heights could sometimes indicate circumstances or events that will help you become a better person.

If you dreamed about height, but you aren’t afraid of heights, that dream is supposed to be a bad sign and usually indicates that the person you dreamed of has some personal problems. These problems are problems you may or may not know about. The person probably needs our assistance in dealing with the situation.

Dreaming of being at a great height

If you dreamed about being at a great height, it usually indicates good things. This dream often signifies significant accomplishments, reaching personal milestones, and being at a place that you constantly desired to be in life. You are satisfied with what you have achieved so far in life. You have a feeling of being successful and knowing what it’s like to be at the top.

In some cases, this dream could also indicate you are triumphant, a significant obstacle that you have been facing, and you are feeling a lot of joy because of that.

Sometimes, these dreams reveal that you feel above others, i.e., you consider yourself better than others. On the other hand, this dream indicates that you watch out for some people who can cause you problems and embarrassment.

Dreams about someone falling from a height

If you dreamed about this, it could be a good sign. It could indicate being successful and jumping over obstacles successfully while doing that. This dream could mean problems you might encounter soon, like an illness in the family or even yours.

A dream of falling could also signify you are falling from a current project and highlights your current problems in life and your inability to deal with them. It could also be a sign of confusion.

If the height you feel from was small, it indicates obstacles and problems, which luckily won’t last that long and will not cause as much damage.

If you feel from a higher altitude, you will soon infer a loss that will have a lot of repercussions and a negative effect.

If you dream that your baby fell from a high altitude, this dream is good. It means that you will come across some unexpected yet fortunate news.

Dreaming of climbing a great height

If you dreamed about something like this, it indicates the success of your endeavors and current efforts. If you were putting a lot of effort into the dream to climb the building, the plan shows success. But for that to happen, you will have to clear a lot of obstacles, and the ride to success won’t be easy but giving up is not an option.

Dreaming of being at a great height

This dream is considered a good sign. This dream is usually a sign of the success of any situation or business deal that you are involved in. This dream could confirm some goals and ideas you have because they are likely to be a success.

That could be the fulfilment of the long-time desire and hopes you have. Often this dream is a sign of success and financial gains that you might come across soon.

If someone else was next to you when you were at such a great height, it means you have nothing but love and respect for that person.

Dreaming of flying at great heights

If you dreamed about flying at great heights, it means having ambitions to go higher in life. You most likely know how to achieve that too. You could be considered confident by the people around you. Others might view your goals and dreams as naive and unreal.

Try not to let others negatively influence you and lower your confidence. You are most likely one of those people who do not miss out on an opportunity.

Dreaming of flying high and falling down

If you dreamed about this, it symbolizes you are facing fears about failing in the future, and all your decisions are being affected by it, and you can’t seem to gather any skills to finish the project you are working on.

Dreaming of a high tower

This is a good sign. It means that you will infer a piece of good news very soon. This dream often indicates a promotion or an advancement in your career.

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