what does it mean to dream about lips?


Lips are the perfect symbol of communication. They relate to both what you try and convey with your words and how well we communicate through physical intimacy like kissing, so they can be interpreted in a number of ways depending on context.

Dream About Actions On Lips

Bleeding Lips

In a dream, bleeding lips may be symbolic of lost love. But this is not always the case! It could also mean that you cannot convey your feelings for someone in an effective manner, so they end up feeling hurt or saddened.

Kiss on Lips

You have a close bond with someone, and you will communicate openly; this means that your spiritual connection is growing.

Peeling Lips

According to some experts, dreaming about skin peeling from the lips is a sign of vulnerability in your words and communication. You may have said something you didn’t mean or hurt someone else with an unintended message. Watch out because soon will be telling harsh truths that are scaring people away.

Burning Lips

You feel the heat of someone’s temper burning your lips in a dream and foretells that their hot-tempered nature will soon burn you. You may also want to seek some feedback from others about how they perceive or receive what you’re saying and doing because it might not always come off well.

Biting Lips

In your dream, you were biting into your lip. You have a history of tolerating tough situations and people in life well enough to indicate to someone close to you how they feel towards the situation or person.

Cutting Lips

In a dream, when you cut your lips, it means that someone will shoo away all of the requests or proposals you make. It’s not just for one person either; in this case, they may be refusing to listen to anything else from anyone who has similar opinions as yourself.

Dream About Size Of Lips

Thin Lips

Your concerns will not be heard when you dream of thin lips or small, puckered ones. If others are kissing your cheek and ignoring this sign from the unconscious mind, they do not respect what is important to you in waking life.

Big Fat Lips

In a dream, seeing big fat lips can be taken as an omen of balance. You have great feelings built on mutual respect with someone you admire or love in the future.

Swollen Lips

Some people say that a swollen lip in your dream symbolizes some potential health problems. It might also mean you’re taking something too harshly and personally, such as an allergy dream, or it could be related to someone who’s making you uncomfortable. Still, I’m not sure how likely the latter is because we know words are powerful weapons.

Dream About Conditions Of Lips

Chapped Lips

If you dream about chapped lips, it might be a reminder to watch out for negativity. You may have been talking too much or trying to take care of business and need some mental rest before starting again.

Sore Numb Lips

You might be feeling an emotional disconnect with the opposite sex because you are trying too hard to make a good impression. You’re always careful not to say anything that will offend them, but this dream implies that it’s wearing on your patience.

Dry Lips

Lips are very sensitive. When they dry out, so do you emotionally and physically. It’s time to take a break from these overwhelming emotions and spend some quality time with yourself.

Split Lips

If you dream about split lips, this could signal that good fortune is on the horizon.

Sealed Lips

A dream where you have sealed lips can be indicative of an internal struggle to keep a secret. You will not reveal something or say your opinion even if it is different from others because you are afraid that the response might cause conflict, whether with friends and family members or just in general.

Lip Gloss or Lipsticks

You are trying to present yourself a certain way. Still, by dreaming about lipsticks, you may be feeling that you’re not entirely truthful with others. This could mean that something is on your mind, and it’s time for some honesty.

Dream About Colors Of Lips

Black Lips

You tend to keep your mouth shut when things get tough. You may have a past incident that has caused you trauma, or it could be because society values honesty and candor over tactfulness.

Blue Lips

A warning of problems with your blood circulation, blue lips in a dream foretells possible medical conditions. Check to see if you have any signs or symptoms indicating that there may be an issue related to the circulatory system, such as hardened arteries and veins.

Red Lips

In times of uncertainty, dreams are often a comfort. If you dream about someone with red lips, then know that there is hope for romance on the horizon!

Pink Lips

As the color pink symbolizes warmth and love, you can expect a night of sweet loving, intimate communication with your significant other.

Purple Lips

In a dream, having purple lips means you will have trouble convincing someone of something. You might need to spend some money or offer up bribes for them to agree with your wishes.

White Lips

In the dream, I saw white lips. This could represent a loss of family relationships and the cold emotions that troubles in life can cause.

Green Lips

Green lips in your dreams might suggest that you have the potential to create harm for someone over your interests. You may be telling lies or engaging in other negative behavior.

Orange Lips

The color orange in your dream portends that you will soon be faced with a tempting and exotic offer.

Other Dreams About Lips

You have always been a great singer, and people tell you that all the time. It may be difficult to find your voice with this dream because you are too busy living up to others’ expectations of whom they want their singing sensation or pop star idol to act like on-stage.

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