What does it mean to dream about mask?


Dreaming about masks can be a metaphor for some form of deceit, which is typically hidden behind the mask. For example, who’s wearing it, and how do you perceive them?

Masks in dreams often signify deception or misunderstanding. The wearer may have good intentions, but because their emotions aren’t visible through the barrier that represents themselves, others perceive them to be something other than what they indeed are on the inside (e.g., a caring friend).

Dream About Wearing Masks

If the dream depicts yourself wearing a mask, consider who you interact with inside of it. The mask foretells that you are trying to be someone else to impress or deceive others. You may feel ashamed and guilty about not expressing your true thoughts or feelings to pretend like everything is okay when it’s not.

A mask should be worn when you feel temporarily lost or that your intentions may not come across the way they were initially meant.

If one cannot take off a glued-on mask, it suggests having forgotten who they are and how to interact with others without being misunderstood due to their true identity hidden by another’s face on the outside of them.

Dream About Other People Wearing Mask Occasions

When you wear a mask in your dream, it means that someone is trying to hide something about themselves. If they forcibly remove your mask for some reason (you can probably think of one), then this symbolizes how much respect or admiration you had for them has vanished into thin air - just like their disguise.

Dream About Other Types Of Masks

Dream About Oxygen Mask or Gas Masks

The idea of wearing a gas mask in your dream may be pointing to how you are feeling suffocated by the unkind words around you. You need distance and protection from others, so this is something that should be considered soon before it gets too late!

Dream About Masquerade Mask Party

Dreams of masquerade masks may denote deceptive pleasures in your life. You might be lying to yourself about certain situations and opt for pleasurable events that are not right for you, such as living beyond your means to “match” with a richer friend’s lifestyle even though it is just an illusion.

Dream About Different Mask Colors

A black mask could suggest that you want to be mysterious or a white mask indicates that it’s possible for someone else to think you look more innocent than they otherwise would.

Dream about-face of a monster or ghost

Suppose the mask is a monster or ghost-like vampire, werewolf, or zombie in your dream. Some people might appear dangerous on the outside, but they do have kind hearts inside.

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