What Does It Mean To Dream About My Ex-Boyfriend Or Ex-Girlfriend?


Dreaming of an ex occurs when habitual situations of lifestyle rouse light feelings connected with the past.

Many people have ex dreams (boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, or wives) and it can mean that you simply miss them, but behind this dream, there are other different explanations.

Dreaming about your ex is sort of common, and it’s going to not mean what you think that. If you’ve found yourself wondering why your brain keeps raising a particular person when you’re asleep, one (or more) of those reasons could explain it.

What meanings can it have if we dream of an ex?

1. You will still have feelings for him or her.

Before you get too freaked out about this one, remember that these feelings don’t necessarily should be romantic. Maybe you’re looking to shut that cycle of your life, or even you’re not satisfied with how everything ended between the 2 of you, otherwise, you should still give some thought to something that you simply couldn’t finish in your relationship.

2. You’re scared that your new relationship will work.

As Ally Mead - a psychic who has studied dream analysis - told The Huffington Post, it’s highly likely that if you dream of the ex after you are starting a brand new relationship with somebody else, you’re surely comparing the 2 to create sure that now, things seem.

3. Symbolizes a much bigger problem.

If you dream about your ex, consider the explanation for ending the connection and what you’ll have done differently. If it was your fault, and whether or not it wasn’t, fixing it and preventing it from happening in future relationships could put an end to those dreams.

4. You haven’t gotten over them.

Although there are many reasons why we dream of an ex apart from continuing to own feelings for him or her, this can be still an option. you will have to take a deep look inside yourself and see if you wish to urge back together… and so determine where to travel from there.

5. It should not be him, but you.

According to psychology, there’s a prospect that it represents a component of you. you will have given up an excessive amount of yourself within the relationship you had with him or her and now you’ve got to urge that back. otherwise, you might not be neglecting yourself. But it can’t hurt to research your behavior while you were along with your ex, so try and determine if you would like to alter in away.

6. You fear that another person will hurt you again.

For some, getting over your old relationship is difficult, especially if their breakup was particularly brutal. that would have something to try to to with these dreams, which could even facilitate your realize that your current relationship is on the identical path, or that you simply haven’t had complete emotional closure.

7. The figure of the previous can represent you, breaking with yourself.

As you’ll see, exes that appear in dreams represent every kind of thing. it should be your mind telling you to not wait and see that different side that you just have, surely antagonistic to you, which you need to get up-to-date along with your authentic self.

8. You’re trying to forgive them after a nasty breakup.

If the connection between you probably did not end well and you probably did not forgive one another, the dream is how our company will create that chance for you. per the Dream stop, it could represent the very fact that you just need to make amends along with your ex. If you would like to prevent dreaming about him, forgive your ex when you’re awake and awake, which might.

9. With them, you miss important parts of life.

According to the Dream moods Dream Dictionary, seeing the ex in dreams implies that your old relationship therewith person you miss - and you would like him back. However, that missing piece might not necessarily be your ex; It is an area where you lived, something you probably did together, or an area that you just wont to visit often during that point therein relationship.

10. There are things in your life that cause you to feel unhappy.

You also know that if you see an ex while dreaming it’s a transparent symbol of the items in your life that don’t cause you to happy, and you need to get obviate that burden, “break” with it to maneuver on. you’re clear that it drags you down, it’d be a decent idea to require steps to alter.

The dream with you’ll symbolize all types of things but, as always, it’s easy to understand what it means if you look inside, and thus you’ll have the answer to your doubts.

Possible dreams associated with exes

  • You are having sex together with your ex-husband/ex-wife.
  • Your ex-husband met somebody else in your dream.
  • You were together with your ex-husband in your dream.
  • You had an emotional reference to your ex in your dream.
  • Your ex-husband cheated on you in your dream.
  • Your ex-husband was murdered in your dream.
  • Your ex-husband may love you in your dream.
  • You and your ex-husband had amazing sex in your dream.
  • You and your husband had an excellent time.

This dream is connected to how we feel about our emotions upon wakening. Are you satisfied together with your purpose and creativity?

The dream of ex-husband or ex-wife indicates our emotional balance

It may mean an absence of intimacy, does one have sex? This dream also can connect with how we feel about our current partner.

If you dream of your ex-husband or ex-wife, it should mean that you just are trying to find other aspects that are important in a very relationship and your current partner doesn’t fulfill them.

To dream that you just ex-husband causes you to pregnant suggests that you are looking for more intimacy in your relationship, but if you are feeling satisfied within the globe with intimacy, it’s going to indicate that you simply feel that the gathering is lost.

Maybe you wish to review your current relationships. Maybe sex, but also relationships with friends and family.

Every dream that involved an ex-husband who is your current lover within the dream world suggests that you just must take a glance at your emotions upon awakening from life.

If your husband got lost within the dream, this can be again a symbolic sign to mention that he’s connected to how you are feeling inside.

Dreaming that your ex hurt or murdered you predicts that somebody will challenge you in your real world.

It is quite common to always ask the meaning of what we’ve got dreamed of, but the meanings or what a dream represents itself will always vary, because it will rely upon the facts, as an example, it doesn’t mean the identical to dream of your ex running after you, then dreaming that your ex is dead, or with him very close or very removed from you, the meaning of dreams varies counting on the circumstances and scenes during which the dreams are shown.

Dreams with most frequent ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends

Here are the foremost common sex-related dreams.

Dreaming of the return of an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend could be a “consoling” vision, which alleviates the suffering and suffering of these girls or women who are abandoned or have abandoned their partner, and who “see” in tender dreams and solidarity.

The image isn’t in the least a sort of premonitory dream, representing only the need for what may well be at the time of that relationship.

If the ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend is crying, it denotes a sense of guilt, not feeling good about his conscience, for doing something of which he’s not proud.

The ex who marries is a picture that lends itself to a double interpretation:

On the one hand, it means everything associated with the previous love relationship has been processed, and you’re able to create space for a replacement feeling.
On the opposite hand, show jealousy towards your ex if your dream has been characterized by a negative feeling.

If our ex is chasing us within the dream, it indicates that the dreamer only accuses him of the top of the romance.

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