What does it mean to dream about peacock?


In your dreams, you may be dreaming about peacocks. Peacock is a good omen for symbolizing many things: springtime, longevity, and love. When encountering this bird within the dreamscape, prestige and success is usually well within reach on both sides (relationship & career). In addition to that, let’s go over some common themes associated with these kinds of dreams!

Dream About Different Peacock Actions

Dream About Peacock Flying

The dream of a peacock flying signifies that you might get carried away with your success. You are probably taking too much on and need to slow down before it leads to unwanted consequences.

Dream About Peacock Dancing

The peacock’s dance is a metaphor used by one to represent that they are taking careful steps in order for their project not only to impress others but also to give them praise.

Dream About Peacock Attacking or Fighting

In the dream, when a Peacock attacks you, it could mean that people are jealous of your success and achievements. They might then start to do things in order to see you fail or try and bring negative attention towards yourself.

Dream About Peacock in a Cage

A caged peacock represents that your pride and arrogance are somewhat kept in check, more or less against your own will. It might be because you’re working under an overlooking boss who is hindering your growth and ability to shine.

Dream About Appearances Of Peacocks

Dream About White Peacock

A white peacock suggests that you need to be aware of your pride and arrogance. It might be time to think about how you present yourself towards others, especially when discussing topics that are known for being difficult.

Dream About Black Peacock

In your dreams, a black peacock suggests that people are jealous of you and maybe say negative things about you.

Dream About Purple Peacock

A dream of seeing a purple peacock suggests that you will gain wealth and good fortune.

Dream About Pink Peacock

The dream of a pink peacock is symbolic and suggests confidence, optimism for the future. The plan you have been working towards has come together so that it can accomplish everything!

Dream About Injured or Dead Peacock

The dream shows that you will be surrounded by people and may experience a lot of arguments. Arguments might hurt your feelings, which can lead to various problems at work and in your personal life.

Dream About Baby Peacock or Peacock Eggs

New opportunities are in the air for you. You might be required to learn new skills and grow your knowledge base at work, which is likely challenging but exciting as well!

Dream About Multiple Peacocks

A series of good luck maybe inbound, according to the dream about seeing many peacocks at once.

Dream About Peacock Feather

The peacock feather in your dream may be a symbol of immortality and spiritual renewal. It might mean that new thoughts about life are reawakening you.

Dream About Peacock Eyes or Head

You have a lot of pride in your work. However, you may want to look after the feelings of those under you as well - be nice and show compassion towards them! This will help with both home life and at work with colleagues.

Dream About Peacock Garden

Expanding your social circle, you will be associating yourself with an individual who would like to achieve success.

Dream About Peacock Tattoo or Jewelry

Dreaming of a peacock symbolizes career success and contentment. The dream may indicate your strong sense of pride in the choices you have made for yourself, or it might be showing how confident you are to flaunt what makes you proud publicly.

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