What does it mean to dream about polar bear?


To see a white polar bear in your dream represents self-reliance. A peaceful and relaxed polar bear signifies an awakening to this power within yourself; accept that you have what it takes to do anything! You can survive through the darkest times with any means necessary, and you will succeed because of it.

Dream About Polar Bear Actions

The polar bear is attacking you in the dream

If the polar bear is attacking in a dream, you may be approaching when misfortune will happen to you from an authority figure who has betrayed your trust.

Polar bear hunting and stalking

Dreaming about being hunted down by a polar bear suggests that your enemies use new friends to gain your trust. Be cautious with the people you meet, especially if they seem too friendly or nice right off the bat.

Polar bear eating in a zoo

The zoo scene in my dream symbolizes new spiritual thoughts and ideas I’ve been experiencing. These will help me last through the harsh environments that are ahead of me now.

Polar bear running away

The running polar bear in a dream suggests that you are missing out on personal growth opportunities and ignoring essential details.

Fighting a polar bear in the dream

You might have done something immoral recently that you thought is illegal and now fear the consequences of what such actions could turn into in real life. In a dream, fighting or killing a polar bear may symbolize your will to survive. This would also indicate staying on top of others for personal profit at any cost.

Polar Bear Cubs

If you dream of polar bears, it may be a sign that there are some white lies in your recent past. You or others have told these little untruths with the best intentions to help someone through difficult times.

Dream About Polar Bear Skins

In the dream, seeing a polar bear’s skin means that you will overcome any obstacles.

Dream About Polar Bear Traps

Indeed you can barely survive in your current lifestyle and have forgotten your purpose. The harsh environment of the polar bear trap will stop you from achieving your true potential.

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