What Does It Mean To Dream About Priest?


The priest may be a symbol of holiness and spirituality, of sacrifice and firmness. And his commission as “shepherd of souls”, to represent spiritual and divine power on earth, makes him a “bridge” between matter and spirit. The priest is all this: but in dreams, what does he represent?

Generally, it’s common to dream of the priest, especially among believers, very near the Church, but it’s not excluded that even an atheist may have dream images featuring this figure.

The meaning is generally positive, bringing to light the dreamer’s have to be protected, guided, and supported: a task, therefore, especially of “comforter” and adviser in particularly difficult times.

In other cases, the priest is an austere and rigorous figure and represents the conscience of the dreamer, a form of ” inner critic “, of ” judge “, who advises on what behaviors to take care of.

This view should do with morals and discipline learned during religious education.

Dreaming of a priest: the various interpretations

We have just seen the symbolism linked to the figure of the priest, a figure that since precedent days have represented the link between the earthly world and therefore the divine, as has already been said, although under different names (sage or healer for example).

We have also seen that dreaming of the priest incorporates a mostly positive meaning; however, in some cases, it could also embody extreme rigor or strong power, and thus represent an individual who tends to dominate the dreamer and impose his own will on him.

As we’ll see now, there are many “situations” and therefore the consequent interpretations associated with dreaming of the priest. These are the most scenarios that may be foreseen:

Dreaming of the blessed priest symbolizes the dreamers have to feel spiritually protected, the necessity to be “repaired” from the difficulties of life.

It is a dreamlike image that frees us from feelings of guilt, exhorting us to continue on the trail we’ve got taken.

To dream of the laughing priest denotes a period of tranquility and serenity, free from anxiety and worry.
Dreaming of the priest who confesses is a sign of the dreamers have to trust someone, perhaps as a result of a committed action that he cannot make known to anyone. The figure of the priest intervenes, during this case, to present comfort and support, freeing himself of the load he carries.
Dreaming of the priest speaking could be a metaphor for the dreamer’s consciousness, which tells him during which direction to maneuver to feel more fulfilled. The priest could be a reasonably beacon within the dark who together with his voice ends up in the reality, supports in difficult moments, helps within the decisions to be made.
Dreaming of the priest with a nun even more cadence the concept just described: if the 2 figures invite you to act during a certain way, the recommendation should be followed to the letter.
Dreaming of the deceased priest expresses the bad results of something, which saddens the dreamer.
Dreaming of the priest wearing white, and the awfully frequent image isn’t associated with the color of the dress, irrelevant, but the figure of the priest himself, an emblem of trust and fatherhood. It can express a family problem that has to be solved, but also a desire for more faith, and again, new purchases, new births, or excellent news.

Dreaming of a priest celebrating a marriage is a picture that lends itself to multiple interpretations. If you’re actually planning the marriage, it can show that the thought goes to the ceremony; within the absence of any programming, however, it should be the symbol of a crucial junction. Or, again, indicate a call that may not be changed.
Dreaming of the priest: the lot numbers

After having underlined the symbology associated with dreaming of the priest, and therefore the different interpretations associated with the way this figure appears in dream visions, we are visiting accommodate the luckiest numbers.

The “basic” number to play is number 88; for the priest within the church, No. 5, the priest celebrating, number 24, the blessing of the priest, the No. 8, for the priest in procession, the quantity 79, for the deceased priest, the quantity 19 ...

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