What Does It Mean To Dream About Rabbits?


Dream about rabbits

Rabbits. Do you know why dreaming about rabbits is a common phenomenon? For most people, dreaming of rabbits means family happiness and harmony. They represent love, unity, peace, and calmness. If you have ever had a bad experience in your life, dreaming of rabbits will make it easier for you to forget them.

Maybe dreaming of a rabbit was just a way for your subconscious mind to tell you that everything will be all right in time, or maybe dreaming of black rabbits (they are the most frequent) signifies the necessity to work on your attitude towards others.

Dreaming about a group of rabbits is a good sign, evoking thoughts of peace, friendship, and harmony.
It also represent enthusiasms and aspirations that are bubbling up from your unconscious mind. Rabbits symbolize fertility, sexuality, and family life.

Dreaming about a white rabbit is the same as dreaming about a black one, except it suggests you will encounter difficulties when trying to achieve your goals. This dream also signifies impatience with others or an inability to engage them in conversation.
It also means speedy business opportunities will arise for you soon.


In the world of dreams, dreaming of a rabbit can have many meanings; the rabbit represents you and your state of mind, an absence of affection, or an excessive fragility with the requirement for extra attention, can be the reason.

The rabbit, as we all know, has some connections to the globe of magic so it could represent the representation of oneself that’s too often entrusted to the planet of luck.

Among the various meanings, you’ll also assume that of sexuality, so you’ll need to own children and/or a family.

Rabbit Symbolism in Dreams

The rabbit is an animal that belongs to the Leporidae family, with the custom of living in tunnels dug within the ground.

Rabbits feed mainly on roots and grass; As herbivores, they also eat vegetables just like the famous carrots.

This rodent is a wonderful playmate, known for its sweetness and meekness, aspects that may reflect the one that dreams of it; being very peaceful, it doesn’t create particular ailments. Although it’s its own path to the rabbit within the presence of humans, it very rarely uses it and prefers to use visual communication.

What message does our subconscious want to convey to us? Let’s find out…
  • Caged rabbits can indicate fear of not having a family or impotence to indicate your sensitive and tender side.
  • Dreaming of such a big amount of rabbits can indicate your need, if you’re researching a difficult period, to own as many of us as possible by your side and particularly trustworthy.
  •  Newborn rabbits indicate that a surprising and live birth is coming soon; Dreaming of puppies symbolizes that one feels in need of care or expresses the need to be a father.
  • Dead rabbits can represent inner loneliness, people you liked, and who have failed; If the dead rabbit is simply one, it should indicate that you simply aren’t feeling well during a difficult situation that has become untenable which you have got given up.

Meaning of the color of the Rabbit

  1.  A rabbit of a particular color includes a particular meaning:
  2. Dreaming of a white rabbit can indicate the purpose of arrival in a project that you just are following for an extended time which you’re finally visiting perform, due to the assistance of individuals who are near you and whom you trust.
  3. The black rabbit can indicate that you simply don’t seem to be having a straightforward time or don’t seem to be even expressing how you’re feeling a couple of beloved. Dreaming of groups of black rabbits indicates that there are folks that may be counted on but who haven’t proven themselves to be sincere and trustworthy.
  4. The gray rabbit may indicate a rather slow and stressful period that you just are experiencing. Groups of gray rabbits represent that you simply are surrounded by folks that don’t convey effective help, but only compassion.
  5. The reddish rabbit can precede pain.

Variations of dreams within which a rabbit appears

  • Identical rabbits can indicate weaknesses.
  • Dreaming of killing a rabbit may be an indication of loss or an indication of deception and/or scam.
  • Cooking a rabbit can indicate happiness and/or luck.
  • Dreaming of eating a rabbit can indicate the physiological conditions and/or comfort.
  • Dreaming of being a biological process to a rabbit can indicate new projects or new ideas.

Rabbits in dreams, for married people, can indicate the arrival of 1 or more children, while for single people they’ll indicate an upcoming marriage.

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