What does it mean to dream about reptiles


Many of us are very anxietic after even thinking about reptiles, let alone come face to face with one or even dream of one. There are people out there attempting to house a snake both big and small, alligators, turtles, tortoises, and a wide array of lizards. But a vast majority of people are the ones that have a feeling of downright fear, and that may be due to the lack of knowledge about these species.

In any case, when one comes face to face with a wild reptile, it’s always better to stay away from them and not let them do their thing because their thing doesn’t precisely include them walking away. As humans, we have a pretty strong sense of self-preservation and even a good common sense that these reptiles lack.

Reptiles symbolize initial needs, basic leanings, and many of us have even come across the term ‘reptile brain,’ which functions on solely basic instincts and no emotion or makes decisions based on sympathy, something that most people come across. It seems to create a sense of conflict when making an unbiased decision, but a ‘Reptile brain’ doesn’t seem to have these problems.

With these attributes, it is easier to understand what they are trying to convey, and their dream messages can be pretty unfiltered, and they give these insights in the dream realm, all in the safety of our comfy beds! For starters, reptiles are creatures known to have super thick and semi impenetrable skin to protect them from their predators.

When a scaly reptile enters your dream, it is a reminder for you to have a thick skin over a situation and not let other people’s intentions that may not be good get to you and affect your judgment; you should refrain from allowing this stuff get to you and strike the chords of your emotional stability.

Reptiles are cold-blooded; this means that they need to spend some time out in the sun trying to warm themselves up. Their metabolism and eating habits differ from that of a mammal; they eat less than mammals and require far less energy to get through their day. If this shows up in your dream, it is a sign for you to adapt to this environment, strive for a state of internal balance, be in tune with your exposure to nature, and carefully consider your diet intake.

Dreams about snakes

The type of reptile that shows up in your dream is also of vital importance when breaking down these dreams as they give out a meaning even by their appearance. Snakes, sight the message of wisdom, alertness, eternity, resurrection, and rejuvenation.

Dreams about alligators

Alligators and crocodiles sight dream messages synonymous with aggression, predatory signs, and connections with both water and earth, making them symbols of consciousness and deep thoughts about things.

Dreams about turtles and tortoises

Turtles in tortoises stand for self-sufficiency and adapting to nature and the environment that you are in. Native Americans depict the earth to the back of the shell, and This can be a clear sign of your need to reconnect to the earth and get back to your roots and ground yourself as being wealthy means nothing when you do not hold you down, as the higher a tree grows, the more is the risk it runs to fall if it’s roots aren’t strong enough.

Dreams about lizards

These reptiles are as cold-blooded as any other reptile. If there is a lesson to be learned from them, it has to be the lesson of enhancing and then using your adaptability skills. If it is a komodo dragon, it gives you a lesson of explosive power and aggressive actions.

A reptile is used to provide you with an insight into what your dream symbol might mean. The term reptile is used to represent someone’s sneaky, disrespectful, hate or stale feelings. This might mean that you need to ensure you need to be aware of letting people in your life that only have the best interest for you at heart.

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