What does it mean to dream about satellites


What does it mean when we dream about satellites? The symbolism of a satellite in dreams is based on the idea that they represent global communication and overlapping dependencies. However, this interpretation will depend on context so consider what you were doing or thinking before your dream to understand its meaning better.

Dream about launching a satellite

Launching a satellite

If a dream about launching a satellite is pleasant, then it may mean that you are entering into a new phase of life and leaving old ideas behind. This dream indicates a willingness to try new things and explore beyond your normal boundaries. However, if the dream was unpleasant or negative, then this dream could also have referred to a feeling like something isn’t going to work out in your life.

Dream about satellite accidents

Falling satellite

If you dream that you were observing a satellite falling from the sky, then this may refer to your fear of losing something important or someone close in your life. The dream might also be linked with some kinds of accidents around you, such as car crashes. It could also relate to the dreamer feeling vulnerable in waking life and requires extra care and consideration.

Colliding satellite

Suppose a dream is indicating that two satellites have collided. In that case, it can mean that there is going to be some kind of confrontation with others who are resisting change within the dreamer’s life. However, if the dream was positive, then it indicated self-accomplishment and making progress towards something very special for you in waking life.

Dream about observing satellites

Many satellites

To see many satellites in your dream symbolizes that you have an ability to communicate with people from various backgrounds. It would be best if you were careful about the message you send, however, as what you say will reach a lot of different types of people. It is up for interpretation by everyone else who hears them.

Orbiting satellites

It is fascinating to see orbiting satellites. The pattern of communication can be seen in the way they are positioned around each other, and as time goes by, you will soon find yourself wanting to really understand what it is all about too.

Satellite phone dream

Using a satellite phone in the dream is similar to using instant messaging on your cell phone. You will soon connect with people from a distance that you might have lost touch with for some time and may even be expecting this call/message. Be open to communication as it can produce surprising results.

Satellite dish dream

Is the dream showing that you have been neglecting your essentials? The dream could represent a particular situation or person, as it is possible to be locked into something and need to get out of this. The dream can also show you are ready for some time-out from the stress of everyday life.

It is important to remember in any dream context that anything that is coming from above symbolizes higher power. This could mean God (or whatever your belief system chooses to call this force) or just seeing how we are all connected in a bigger picture that includes everything around us. Everything originates from one source; it doesn’t really matter whether you choose to see this as God, Universe, or Nature.

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