What Does It Mean To Dream About Shoes?


It has happened to everyone once or more in their life.

  • Dreaming of shoes is of course a frequent dream image, and usually symbolizes
    • identity
    • social role
    • hidden aspirations and desires
    • but also, seduction and sensuality

And again, physical, and mental energy, the life journey. Many meanings, therefore, for several scenarios that may be foreshadowed in a dream, such as

  • new shoes
  • with heels
  • open
  • old colors
  • And obviously, also its appearance, the sensation, of well-being or not, experienced by the dreamer, are decisive for the interpretation.

What we underline now could be to what extent shoes are one among the foremost complex and at the identical time most fascinating symbols of the globe of dreams: an intimate, very personal object, almost an “offshoot” of one’s own body, a vital complement to both clothing male additionally as female.

A true ” must ” always present and really varied in its forms, patterns, and realization.

Dreaming of shoes: factors to consider in the analysis

Before moving on to the various dream scenarios associated with dreaming about shoes, it’s worth clarifying the assorted and important factors underlying the various interpretations.

  • The shoes represent first the contact with the world, since they support the person, allowing him to run and are therefore a picture of concreteness and solidity. This last aspect is found since precedent days, once they were employed in purchase and exchange operations.
  • Shoes also protect the foot against rough terrain, atmospheric condition, and annoyances, and metaphorically allow you to realize a goal (stop, get to a place, protect yourself from different weather conditions).

As mentioned above, they’re a real object of desire, for both men and ladies, and within the erotic imagination, they need been elevated to the “vehicle” of desire. For this reason, the shoes dreamed of by women are connected to femininity, to the requirement to bring it to light, to administer it “a place”.

And dreaming of wanting shoes belongs to those women with a highly developed and predominant masculine interior, which overshadows the typically feminine aspects.

Shoes in dreams: Different interpretations

After clarifying the symbology associated with dream shoes, we consider the foremost frequent situations that will arise for the dreamer.

  • Dreaming of the latest shoes represents a brand-new beginning and a replacement for acquired energy.
  • Dreaming of used, dirty, old, and uncomfortable shoes denotes a sense of private dissatisfaction, but also the great distance to travel to realize the established goals.
  • Dreaming of broken shoes, scratches, holes, expresses discomfort, lack of means to deal with adversities in life.
  • Dreaming of gorgeous, shiny, and chic shoes could be a symbol of happiness and optimism, of feeling comfortable with yourself.
  • Dreaming of high-heeled shoes indicates a necessity to “stand up”, to emerge above people, but it may also symbolize female sensuality.
  • Dreaming about shoes the wrong way implies that something within the dreamer’s life isn’t stepping into the correct direction, the one you would like.
  • The moment of confusion and discouragement can cause mistrust and a scarcity of psychic and physical energy.
  • Dreaming of colored shoes reflects the color of the dreamer’s personality and therefore the way he faces life. particularly, dreaming red shoes indicates passion, positive energy, emotion, with red being the “warmest” color.
  • Dreaming of the shoes of a mortal can symbolize a “dead” period of life, a momentary loss of energy.
  • Dreaming of stolen shoes lends itself to a double interpretation. If you’re the dreamer who stole the shoes, you almost certainly desire a different life than you’re living, if rather than being robbed, he has been bereft of something, on a private or business level.
  • Dreaming of shopping for new shoes implies that new ways to travel are on the horizon, further as new situations to accommodate.
  • Dreaming of walking without shoes contains a positive meaning if the dreamer feels a way of freedom and well-being because it denotes self-confidence, the meaning is instead negative if, on the contrary, the dreamer feels shame and shame, because it indicates extreme vulnerability.

Dreaming of shoes: lottery numbers

Once we consider the foremost common situations associated with dream shoes, let’s give an outline of the most numbers to play, if you would like to undertake your luck.

The “base” number to play is number 5, Next, you would like to think about the various contexts within which the shoes appear.

Thus, as an example,

  • if the shoes are new, the play is that the number 69
  • if they’reroutes, the 51
  • if I close the 35. Losing shoes is related to number 38
  • being without shoes with number 18

Grace Thorpe

My years of experience counts to almost 10 years in my field where I have been counseling clients for the last ten years in career, business, work, relationships etc etc. I use tools like Astrology, Numerology, Tarot Cards to unlock the potential and guide people to the best outcome. I have an educational background in Pharmacy, Mathematics, Computers, Chemistry, Astrophysics but I am passionate about my work in guiding people to their destiny.

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