What Does it Mean to Dream About Space?

What Does it Mean to Dream About Space?

Space dreams symbolize the search for the greater good in your life. Space represents new horizons and exploration. Different scenarios in life concern different dreams. Let’s find out what your dream symbolizes.

Dream About Traveling in Outer Space

  1. Flying in Space

Such dreams often indicate the search for a deeper meaning. No matter how you travel in space, these dreams generally express your plan/desire to work on something major and beyond yourself.

  1. Floating

Floating in space denotes drifting away from reality. You are losing your concentration and do not need to focus more on your future goals and ambitions.

  1. Falling from space

You will be pulled back by gravity. A fall of optimism and or ambitions is expected. Be cautious of ambitious plans.

  1. Lost in Space

Dreams about being lost in space denote the absence of a motive or an anchor that usually keeps you going. You feel a certain emptiness within.

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Dream About Other Space Actions

  1. Crawling through a tight space

A dream where you are crawling through a tight space signifies that you are currently dealing with something with little to no room for yourself. Could be because you have a boss who micro-manages or because of some situation that you felt suffocated in.

  1. Making Space

Dreams where you see yourself making space or find yourself organizing something usually express that you are solving a puzzle or a problem and you will soon see the light at the end of the tunnel. You will open up to new ideas, people, and things thereby getting rid of the weight on your shoulders.

  1. Trapped in a narrow space

You might get drained physically or emotionally. Keep your finances and emotions in check and give yourself little room to breathe.

  1. Staring

If you find yourself staring into space in a dream, it suggests that you need some time off for enlightenment. You wish for physical, mental, and or emotional growth.

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Dream About Space Traveling Gears

  1. Space Helmets

In a dream, space helmets depict some sort of protection. It expresses that you might be vulnerable in some environment and to defend yourself you will have to use your spiritual knowledge.

  1. Jetpack

Seeing a space jetpack in your dream indicates that you will soar above adversity. Instead of running from your problems in this situation, you should face the challenges head-on.

  1. Space Suit

Traveling to a foreign land might be an upcoming opportunity. You are uncertain about how you will adapt to the environment and will likely put up barriers to protect yourself for a brief period.

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Dream About Space Structures or Vehicles

Space Station: Dreams about a space station imply that you might soon work in a remote location; somewhere away from your home/ comfort zone. You might feel isolated for some time but it is important to ignore the distractions and focus on yourself.

Spaceship or Space Shuttle: To dream of a spaceship or a space shuttle symbolizes your creative moment. You will

soon be embarking on a spiritual journey into the unknown. There are different perspectives and risks to achieving unrealistic goals. If the vehicle is moving in space; This indicates that you are heading towards a goal with full motivation.

Space Rockets: Space rockets in the dream suggest the experience of a greater level of consciousness.

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Dream About Common Outer Space Terms

1. Being in a Space Battle

Dreaming about space battles with universal creatures often symbolizes the battle of thoughts and opinions.

2. Space mission

A space mission dream often indicates expanding your knowledge and psyche. You will gain experience. Have a clear path set in your mind and don’t take any actions without a plan.

3. Space war

Dreaming about space wars between great powers suggests the conflict of grand ideas. It expresses that you are in some sort of conflict either religious or political in your life and you are fighting the ideas of other people.

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Dream About Space Colours

1. Black Space

Dreaming about a blank space symbolizes mystery and enigma. You do not know what is about to come next to you.

2. Colourful space

A colorful space dream depicts a bright and colorful future. Your dark times are behind you and the light will always push the darkness back.

3. Greenspace

Green spaces indicate some sort of restriction. You might be in a controlled situation and you may act out without your knowledge.

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Dream About Space Appearances

  1. Unconstructed White Space

Unconstructed white spaces in dreams express the lack of boundaries. You will have an abundance of opportunities to recreate. Make sure to keep your power in check.

  1. Big Empty Spaces

Dreaming about a big empty space and feeling depressed points towards a hopeless future. Even though you are independent and unrestrained, you feel helpless and alone. You feel your hopes going in vain and you feel depressed about the situation you are currently in.

  1. New Space

Seeing new spaces in dreams often refer to achieving new things in life and expanding your horizon.

  1. Wide Open Space

Dreams about a wide-open space often convey that you might not be fully aware of the situation and or you are not doing/making the most out of the situation.

  1. Small confined spaces

Prison dreams and confined dreams are similar in nature. People have started distancing from you, making you feel incompetent and you are unable to express your thoughts openly too.

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Dream About Different Types of Spaces

  1. Parking Space

Such dreams often correspond to you finding your place in life or making a huge decision that will impact your life greatly.

  1. Living Space

Dreaming about your living space is a reflection of your current state in life. Your mood, lifestyle, and state of mind are reflected in this dream.

  1. High Space

You are leaping at huge opportunities in your life without letting the chances of success bother you. High space dreams generally imply some kind of boundary that is difficult to cross.

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