What Does It Mean To Dream About Stairs?


A recurring dreamlike vision, the scales symbolize the passage between two “levels” or “planes”, linked to existence, consciousness, or personal fulfillment, specifically, Jung indicated within the descent an inner search that, to some extent of Purely psychological view. It’s linked to the necessity to “impact” with the deepest and most hidden self.

But what does it mean to dream of scales?

Different are the meanings and their interpretations, which are supported by the numerous elements “present” within the image, like

  • the kind of scales (spiral or mobile, for example)
  • their state (old, dangerous, broken)
  • the obstacles that will arise, the emotions experienced by the dreamer.

These are the weather that we are going to analyze next.

Before planning to the middle of the discussion, let’s anticipate that in step with the Eastern tradition, the scales are a logo of excellent wishes, support from the gods. And dreaming of scales generally encompasses a positive meaning, because it denotes moving towards a well-defined and clear goal.

Dream of going up and downstairs

  • Dreaming of mounting and down stairs is that the classic “situation” which will arise during dreams, the selection between one or the opposite represents the link between spirit and matter, between the various states of mind of the dreamer at that specific moment.
  • Dreaming of climbing stairs includes a strong symbolism, which indicates luck, success, well-being. It represents the passage to the next level, both from the relational and social point of view and from the work point of view, although it generally refers to a spiritual ascent. It also indicates the need to realize a specific goal, or to change the condition of everyone at that moment.
  • Dreaming of climbing a spiral staircase can denote a slow but silent ascent and an inner rebirth of the dreamer.
  • Dreaming of climbing a high, very long, infinite scale, without ever reaching it, can indicate goals and aspirations that are too high, that you just are disappointed, because the climb, within the dream, never ends.
  • Dreaming of happening stairs could be a dream vision whose interpretation depends largely on the circumstances that produced the dream. In fact, it can represent a descent into the unconscious, to read the deepest and truest self.
  • It is often an index of a rethinking, of a retreat in one’s own steps, because the trail on which one goes isn’t the right it can symbolize the successful achievement of a goal that was near your heart. And again, it can symbolize the necessity to deal more with yourself, with the practicalities of lifestyle.

The appearance of the dimensions in your dream is clearly helpful for an accurate and complete interpretation. we’ll cater to this within the next paragraph.

Dreaming of scales: the different interpretations

  • As has just been mentioned, the looks of the size, its material, its shape, the state it’s in, are valid elements for an exhaustive analysis of the dream vision. There are such a big number of scenarios that may be foreshadowed, each with its own specific interpretation. Below we discuss the most and most recurring images associated with dreaming of scales, providing all the required information to know their meaning.
  • Dreaming of wooden stairs, stone, and marble respectively indicates heat and domestic intimacy, solidity and lasting success, luxury but also coolness.
  • Dreaming of ladders, old and dangerous routes, without steps, denotes the obstacles that arise within the dreamer’s path, but also the fear of not reaching a goal, regardless of the field of reference.
  • Contrary to an oversized and luminous scale, the index of confidence in one’s own abilities and robust self-esteem, this image therefore refers to precariousness, insecurity, and instability.
  • Dreaming of stairs without railings could be a dream vision symbol of the necessity to trust someone, to receive their help at a time of their existence once they feel alone in adversity.
  • Dreaming of scales that fall, collapse expresses the loss of morale, role, reputation, but also the fear of failing in your own strength.
  • Dreaming of escalators denotes the rummage around for comfort and straightforward solutions to attain the established goal, if the escalators within the dream image have something unpredictable and unstable, it means the dreamer is plagued by a situation that doesn’t satisfy him.
  • Dreaming of reverse scales are often an obstacle along the way that leaves no room for improvement, but also an excellent spirit of adaptation to attain a purpose.
  • Dreaming of falling down the steps(uphill) can denote too steep a climb towards success, but also an absence of confidence in one’s abilities.
  • It can symbolize the necessity to attend to research some aspects of your personality, but it may be a sign of a failure, both personal and professional, or an error.
  • The numbers to play within the lot related to the dream scales are 19 and 70.

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